Scenic Dells River Walk

The Scenic Dells River Walk is one of our favorite parts of our favorite town. Allowing our guests to get out and enjoy the fresh air while enjoying some of the best views in town, it’s the small details that often make the largest impact, and the River Walk in Wisconsin Dells is more than likely going to become the highlight of your unforgettable Wisconsin getaway!

The River Walk in Wisconsin Dell Starts in the 100 Block of Downtown Wisconsin Dells

The star of our downtown area is most definitely the people who live here, but coming in close second is the Wisconsin River. A tributary of the mighty Mississippi and stretching out over 430 miles throughout the state, this river is a big and beautiful part of our natural landscape, but until fairly recently, it was difficult to traverse. A paved nature path, however, has made it easy to walk along the banks of the river (hence the term river walk) and enjoy the scenic vistas that are one of the best parts of living and visiting Wisconsin Dells.

The arched entry to the trail lets you know you have arrived, leading you into wonders beyond your wildest belief: stone bluffs covered in moss, grassy knolls on one side, the tranquil waters of the river on the other. Walking isn’t the only way to make your way along the path, either. Bicyclists and joggers are often seen here as well. Gamers also like to sit at the tables scattered around the path. If a board game is too much activity for you, sitting on the park benches and watching the different people who are drawn to the River Walk is a relaxing way to pass the time during your stay in one of our rentals.

Because of its iconic beauty, the River Walk in Wisconsin is a popular spot for wedding proposals and any event that needs special photographs taken! Christmas cards, wedding photos, and graduation or engagement announcements all come out with that special luster you just can’t get from a photographer’s backdrop.

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