For some people, condos seem a better option than houses. Condos have better amenities, offer better views, and have better access to the hotspots in town. And these are all valid points. Condos are quieter and offer better opportunities to get in touch with the locals. Many of our 2-bedroom condos will sleep on average about 8 people. That’s similar to or greater than the space you’d get from a house with the same number of bedrooms and definitely much more than two rooms in a hotel. But our Wisconsin Dells condos & resorts rentals have more advantages than just space and great views. 

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Great Amenities

Staying in a condo is the closest thing to staying in a hotel. You get better service, stylish designs, tasteful furniture, and a fully-equipped kitchen. And with that come other amenities that many of the condos and our FlipKey rentals have. These amenities include a TV in every room, a cozy living area, a sleeper sofa that sleeps two people comfortably, an outdoor seating at the balcony that lets you enjoy the great views. Add to that the location of the condo in the heart of town where you’re only a few minutes away from the best dining places and entertainment outlets.

Water Attractions

One of the advantages of staying in our Wisconsin Dells condos & resorts rentals is that you can plan your day around some of the attractions around you and get to them rather quickly. And some of the attractions here are so famous that they have become synonymous with Wisconsin Dells. One of those attractions is water parks. It is estimated that water parks in town have about 16 million gallons of water. That gives you an idea about how much people love water fun around here. They are elaborate and no expense is spared in providing cutting-edge games that bring joy to the whole family. In fact, Wisconsin Dells has the largest outdoor water park in the country. It’s called Noah’s Ark Waterpark and it’s a must-visit for every tourist. Some of the other water parks to explore include Kalahari Resort Waterparks, Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Chula Vista Waterparks and many others.

Family Fun

From your comfortable living space at your Wisconsin Dells condos & resorts rental to the tranquil and placid waters of the world-famous Wisconsin River, a visit to Wisconsin Dells is perfect any time of the year. This destination is also very family-friendly. From summer to winter, the streets are always bustling with parents and children. Of course, if you visit with children in the winter, the snow is always the best attraction to keep them happy. However, regardless of the time you visit, there is so much to do for the little ones in Wisconsin Dells, parents will rarely see their kids in a boring state of mood.

All Ages Excitement

This town is known for its world-class water parks; however, it also has activities besides splashing and swimming, plenty of which are by our Wisconsin Dells condos & resorts rental. While some of the water parks offer indoor fun that lasts all year, there’s plenty of other great indoor activities to enjoy. In the summer months, everyone who seeks exhilarating adventures should visit Vertical Illusions, where the entire family can enjoy activities such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, rock climbing, or even zoom across the sky on a zip-line! It does not matter whether you are sixty-five years old or five-years old; the amount of fun and excitement will thrill everyone!

Different Trips

Although the lovely Wisconsin Dells condos provide easy access to the river and its majestic formations, sometimes a visit to an educational attraction offers a nice change of scenery and pace. Fortunately, Alligator Alley offers an educational experience as well as thrilling excitement for children while they explore the world of reptiles. The Wisconsin Deer Park is another popular attraction for kids to get up-close-and-personal with deer and other animals.

Fun for Adults as Well

Strictly for adults, Driftless Glen offers a wide variety of tasty distilled beverages from vodka to rum and of course, whiskey. The distillery provides several types of selections, some of which include single-malt whiskeys, small-batch bourbons and gin, brandy, vodka, and a powerful moonshine. Moreover, if you can’t or won’t drink them neat or on the rocks, the staff’s handiwork behind the bar can craft the perfect cocktail. At the Wollersheim Winery & Distillery, this purveyor of fine wines and distilled spirits is an impressive example of a Midwestern producer of alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to visit both spots while visiting this part of Wisconsin, especially if you enjoy the variety within the world of wine and spirits.

Enjoy the Local Life

Staying in one of our Wisconsin Dells condos resorts definitely has its advantages. It certainly is a more intimate Wisconsin Dells experience than staying in a hotel. Call us today and let our experts help you plan the best vacation you can have and to learn more about Wisconsin Dells lodging deals.