Do I own the land?

Yes! When you own a lot at Spring Brook, it is deeded real estate. So yes….you truly own it!

Are there wooded lots available?

Yes. We offer lake lots, golf course lots, and large wooded lots.

Are the lots improved with utilities?

Yes! Spring Brook lots have utilities including city water, city sewer, natural gas, electric and cable TV.

Does Spring Brook have properties listed for sale?

Yes. Spring Brook has a number of properties that are listed through Cold Water Realty which has an office at the resort.

Can Spring Brook provide financing for me?

No. Although Spring Brook does not have its own in-house loan service, we do have strong relationships with local banks that offer great financing options for lot loans, home construction loans and conventional fixed rate financing for existing homes. Currently, local banks are offering lot loans with only 10% down and rates under 5%! In fact, most buyers use our local banks for their real estate purchases.

Does Spring Brook build custom homes?

Yes. Spring Brook has its own construction company that has built over 300 homes over the years. We offer guaranteed pricing when building homes! We have many homes to show you to help with your building ideas. We even have an Ashley furniture dealership for home furnishings.

Does Spring Brook provide mowing and snow removal?

Yes. These services are available through Spring Brook’s customer service department but not required. Mowing, snow removal and just about any other service imaginable whether it’s seasonal services, staining a deck, installing an irrigation system or even putting up holiday lights, Spring Brook’s staff can do the work for you so you can spend more time relaxing while you’re here!

Can I rent my home out when I’m not using it?

Yes. Spring Brook also offers an optional overnight rental program for those who might be interested in renting out their home while they’re not using it. Because of Spring Brook’s prime location near Wisconsin Dells attractions, its rental homes and cabins are highly desirable.