Consider A Spring Break Getaway Trip To Wisconsin Dells

Spring break in Wisconsin Dells is one of the most exciting times to visit. With chilly winter temperatures abound it’s the ideal time to get in a bit of winter recreation, and our indoor waterparks are also in full swing, allowing you to escape to warmer weather and have a pool day while everything else […]
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Spend Your Next Wedding Anniversary in Wisconsin Dells

Although every day may feel as if it is the first day you have ever spent with your bride or groom, your anniversary should be something special! Celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss with a trip somewhere special, be thankful she chose to put up with you for 50 years with comfort and style or […]
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Rainy Day Activities in Wisconsin Dells!

Long known as one of the best vacation destinations in the Midwest, Wisconsin Dells is a city where there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun, golfing, outdoor recreation, or just relaxation, you’ll be able to find it here—making it ideal for vacations with friends and family! But when a rainy day hits […]
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Book Your Romantic Valentine’s Getaway to Wisconsin Dells Today!

Book Your Romantic Valentine’s Getaway to Wisconsin Dells Today! It’s a place that offers both the best in activities and outdoor recreation, with the ideal mix of family-friendly entertainment and things to do when you’re on an adults-only trip—and as we’re known as the Waterpark Capital of the World, you can make a splash during […]
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Start the New Year Off with Plans for a Trip to Wisconsin Dells

The end of 2022 is finally here so you know that New Year’s is just around the corner! Make sure to start 2023 off with a bang with an exciting vacation getaway to the Wisconsin Dells. Our vacation destination is the ideal vacation spot year round but there is just something special about visiting for […]
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Best Christmas Activities and Events in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells has long had a reputation as one of the best vacation destinations in the US, and that’s especially true at Christmas time! Winter recreation is right at your fingertips—snowmobiling, skiing at the aptly named Christmas Mountain, and snowshoeing are popular pastimes this time of year and within easy reach. When you’re not braving […]
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Book Your Thanksgiving Stay in Wisconsin Dells!

Wisconsin Dells is ideal for a family getaway any time of the year—our amazing waterparks beckon to visitors year-round, and our lively city has so much to offer for entertainment, no matter the season. It should be no surprise then that Wisconsin Dells is an excellent holiday vacation destination, and particularly for Thanksgiving! The approach […]
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We Have the Perfect 3-Day Itinerary for Your Weekend Visit to Wisconsin Dells!

Sometimes you find yourself in need of a weekend vacation, whether it’s a romantic getaway, a trip with friends, or a much-needed family vacation to rest and recharge—and Wisconsin Dells, WI is one of the best places to do so! With endless family-friendly activities, outdoor recreation, and gorgeous state parks, you’ll find something to do […]
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The Best Bars and Breweries in Wisconsin Dells

When one thinks of Wisconsin Dells, it’s likely that our amazing year-round waterparks come to mind, or maybe our stunning local state parks—but there are actually quite a few breweries in town as well! Whether you’re on a trip with friends, or a family trip to see all the family-friendly attractions in Dells, you’ll be […]
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You Won’t Regret a Halloween Spent in Wisconsin Dells!

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Wisconsin Dells is the premier vacation destination in the Midwest, and it’s no different when the Halloween season rolls around! Perfect for a little getaway to rest and recharge before the end of the year, the spooky season in Wisconsin Dells offers tons of activities and […]
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Family Friendly Events in Wisconsin Dells that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s no secret that Wisconsin Dells is the family vacation destination in the Midwest—and even rates among one of the best family-friendly vacation destinations in the country! With so much to enjoy for both adults and children, it’s an obvious choice for a little family getaway, especially during winter, where you can escape the chilling […]
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Start Planning Your Fall Break Getaway to Wisconsin Dells!

When you are vacation planning, there might be a few cities, beaches, towns, and states that come to your mind first and foremost. However, sometimes the hidden gems and undiscovered places are much better for a relaxing vacation that won’t break the bank! If this sounds like something that is up your alley for your […]
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Things to do in Spring Brook to Welcome the Fall Season

Fall in Wisconsin Dells, WI is a magical season to visit the waterpark capital of the world. Seasonal temperatures still allow for outdoor fall activities in Wisconsin Dells, while giving visitors that classic fall crisp in the air. From our indoor waterparks to our numerous state parks, you’ll find there’s an endless list of things […]
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Best Places to Go to the Movies During Your Trip to Wisconsin Dells

There’s nothing like a getaway to Wisconsin Dells! Whether it’s winter, summer, or anything in-between, there’s always something exciting to do, from exploring our famous indoor and outdoor water parks to discovering the beauty of our local state parks. Go skiing at nearby Christmas Mountain Village, take a riverboat tour down the Wisconsin River, or […]
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Spend Labor Day 2022 in Wisconsin Dells

You haven’t imagined it. The sun is setting earlier, rising later, and although it is still hot outside, you can almost feel the first cool moments lingering on the edge of the season. Summer has nearly reached its natural conclusion and it is time to start going through your closets and pulling out all your […]
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Best Places to go Shopping in Wisconsin Dells

Taking time to enjoy Wisconsin Dells is always something to look forward to. This beloved vacation destination offers up a versatile range of options for fun and adventure, including a plethora of shopping stops to explore! When your idea of a great getaway includes some well-earned shopping in Wisconsin Dells, WI adventures, the following stops […]
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Make Your Way To Wisconsin Dells This 4th Of July!

Summer holidays are so much fun! Offers endless hours of sunshine and warmth, plenty of water activities to ensure that you stay cool, and the unerring ability to make summer lovers feel as if they are 15 again and the whole world stretches out before them in an endless array of promise! Summers are our […]
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Best Summer Outdoor Dining in Wisconsin Dells

It’s summertime in Wisconsin Dells, and that means it’s time to soak up the sunshine! From the annual reopening of our beloved outdoor waterparks to the seasonal kayak rentals opening at Mirror Lake State Park, the warmer weather welcomes a season of outdoor activities—including outdoor dining! Winter sees the town bundled up inside, enjoying cozy […]
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Stay in Wisconsin Dells Memorial Day Weekend

It’s that time of year again when the unofficial start to summer kicks off on Memorial Day weekend, and there’s no better place to plan a vacation than Wisconsin Dells! A perfect blend of family-friendly fun and relaxation, there’s something to do whether the entire family is in tow or if you’re just escaping for […]
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Kick off the Summer with These Wisconsin Dells Activities!

If you grew up in the Midwest, you’re probably familiar with the summer ritual of trips to Wisconsin Dells, and if you’re not, it’s never too late to start a new family tradition! When you visit our lovely city in the summertime, you’ll come across countless ways to fill your itinerary with family-friendly fun, from […]
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Celebrate Easter in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

If you’re feeling like it’s time for a vacation, Easter is the perfect holiday weekend to get out of town and soak up some of that lovely spring weather as things begin to come back to life for the summer—and what better place to go than Wisconsin Dells? With lots of family-friendly entertainment, outdoor recreation, […]
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Best Places for a Springtime Picnic in Wisconsin Dells

Spring is a lovely time to visit Wisconsin Dells, as the last of the cold weather starts to disappear and spring blooms pop up in town. Visitors during this time can enjoy their choice of outdoor activities, along with access to our amazing indoor waterparks, and outdoor waterparks in the last weeks before summer officially […]
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Enjoy One of The Best Places To Visit in the Midwest! Wisconsin Dells

Spring vacations are a classic past time, where you just pack up the car and head off—a little break before the reprieve of summer, to keep you energized through to the kid’s summer breaks, or even your next summer vacation! When you’re thinking of taking a spring road trip and looking for the best places […]
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The Ultimate Summer Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide

A summer trip to Wisconsin Dells is practically a rite of passage if you live in the Midwest, and even if you hail from further off, it’s always a good idea to take the time to embark on the vacation of a lifetime. Summer vacationers to our lovely city will find and endless array of […]
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Best Restaurants for Couples in and Around Wisconsin Dells

If you’ve ever been to Wisconsin Dells, you probably think of our famous waterparks and beautiful state parks—but we’re a great romantic destination for couples too! Those visiting our amazing city with a romantic partner will never run out of things to do, from exploring the natural beauty of the area with seasonal outdoor activities […]
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Romantic Activities for Couples in Wisconsin Dells

Our city of Wisconsin Dells may be famous for being the Waterpark Capital of the World, but it’s also a delightful destination for a romantic vacation! A romantic getaway in Wisconsin is an escape from the everyday realities of life, and a chance to spend some quality time with your significant other. Exploring areas of […]
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Our Favorite Wisconsin Dells Restaurants Open in Winter

Winter in Wisconsin Dells can be a magical time—beautiful state parks, nearby skiing opportunities, and of course, our indoor water parks that let you enjoy swimming year-round. It’s the perfect place for a family vacation, or even just a weekend away with all your best friends! There’s plenty of outdoor recreation to experience, whether it’s […]
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Book Your Summer 2022 Getaway Now!

In the heat of the summer, Wisconsin Dells is the star of the Midwest—with lakes and rivers, sandstone banks, and green forests, the area offers limitless outdoor recreation opportunities. Along with the plethora of iconic waterparks that we’re best known for, there’s endless ways to cool off! Spend a day traversing all the epic waterslides […]
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Wisconsin Dells Winter Golf Guide

Winter is the perfect time to start daydreaming about your next golf trip, and Wisconsin Dells is the place to plan it! Our lovely town of Wisconsin Dells is a true gem in the Midwestern golf world and boasts several championship courses that call to visitors from across the nation. Professional golfers and hobbyists alike […]
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Christmas 2021 in Wisconsin Dells

Have the white Christmas you’ve always dreamed of and come visit us in Wisconsin Dells this holiday season! Our lovely city has so much to offer this time of year, from winter recreation to unforgettable Wisconsin Dells Christmas 2021 events. Sitting on the Wisconsin River, the area is home to a region of natural wonders […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Winter and Spring in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells isn’t just a popular summer vacation spot in the Midwest. As the years have gone by, there’s more to do all year round here. Of course, it’s all pretty much thanks to H.H. Bennett. Wisconsin Dells first became known to the public through a series of photographs by H.H. Bennett, “the man with […]
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The Ultimate Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide for Summer and Fall

Planning the perfect summer or fall vacation getaway can be a lot easier when you find a trusted source to help you build your itinerary. Wisconsin Dells is the perfect location to spend your hard-earned vacation days. Our travel destination features exciting outdoor activities, thrilling water parks, a vibrant downtown community, unique local restaurants and […]
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Friday Night Fish Fry

Hello, How are you? Table for two? Or a spot at the bar? Perhaps a nice cozy booth? Perfect! This way, but please don’t delay, we have a lot to go over and some things I must say! I won’t talk too much, I’ll just relay the essentials, and I’m a professional server….you can check […]
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Football Season is Around the Corner!

It’s that time of year again. I know it’s just mid-summer right now but soon the late summer doldrums will appear, the leaves will be changing, the nights will get shorter and shorter, and then you know what that means. It’S FOOTBALL TIME! Ok, at least pre-season anyway! College players will get the official ball […]
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Cookies and Milk (or Perhaps Alcohol) for Santa

This Christmas Eve, American children will leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus to enjoy after his trip down their chimney with his bag of gifts. Some will add a few carrots for his trusty reindeer, as they need sustenance as well. The origins of this particular custom and how it became a staple […]
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Happy Maewyn’s Day!

In a few days we will be eating corned beef and drinking some questionable green beer all in celebration of a 5th century priest who got rid of some snakes…or did he? The traditional stories put St. Patrick in a small Ireland town driving the snakes from a village to the elation of its people. […]
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What It Means to Be a Chef

Most people have no idea what is involved in being a chef. Only about 10% of the population has ever worked in a professional kitchen so they don’t understand it involves a lot more than just cooking. Let me fill everyone in on my experiences in the 14+ years I’ve been doing this. Some of […]
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Behind Enemy Lines

A Bears Fan in Packer Land   I’ll start from the beginning. 1985 is the year and Ronald Reagan is still talking about some crazy space weapons and gas is only $1.09/gal. In April of that year in a small town in Wisconsin a young woman is giving birth to her third (and most awesome) […]
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Food Competitions

It’s early evening on Sunday and the whole staff, including me, are collectively considering a career change. We are beyond tired. Soon we’ll find out if all the hard work and foul language was worth the effort. Let me explain. Preparing food for an unknown amount of people has a few challenges, especially if it […]
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Beer is Good, Great Beer is Better

Do you drink beer? Well I do, and I LOVE it. Not in an over-the-top life ruining kind of way, but in a I’m-not-drinking-any-crappy-beer kind of way. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there as younger versions of ourselves chugging some really, awful tasting beer that was on sale or cheaper than […]
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The Madness of March

The calendar has turned to March. This means many things. We turn our clocks ahead, the winter weather is all but over (fingers crossed) and the biggest sporting event in college sports takes place. Of course we’re talking about the Men’s college basketball championship. This tournament has been a national event since its inception in […]
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On A Wing & A Prayer

The big game is over. Time to snap out of that chicken wing induced food coma, or go a delicious wing restaurant in Wisconsin. Boneless. Breaded. Traditional. In today’s world of variety and immediate gratification the choices are endless. The options haven’t always been that selective. Or available for that matter. It’s hard to imagine […]
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Oh My Cod!

Oh My Cod! Wisconsin’s love affair with Fish Fries It’s Friday night in a small town in Wisconsin and the smell of fried fish is in the air. This is true for pretty much every town in the state. If you’ve grown up in this state this is normal. But what if you’re from some […]
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The Monster Mary Promise

   Waking up to a headache the size of Texas from a night with good friends and too many good drinks, I wondered why I do this to myself. I promised myself, never again! And then it hits me, Bloody Mary! The one drink that has saved so many mornings it has it’s own days of celebration all […]
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Vacation Home vs. Shoebox Inn: Hotels Cost More than Money on Vacation

Search “Home vs. Hotel” online and the results are less than surprising.  Vacation homes are bigger. Full kitchen, separate bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms perhaps with a deck and yard versus two queen beds, maybe a mini fridge, and a bathroom in a box slightly larger than an office cubicle. Not much thinking to do there. […]
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“The second we drove in we loved the place without even looking at a home”, recall Craig and Dawn P of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Admittedly, they had an excellent resource in realtor Jim Anacker but after just two trips and a tour of a model home they decided Spring Brook was the place for them. Highly […]
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On Sunday, August 24th, the Spring Brook golf course held its annual Club Championship. With temperatures in the high nineties, more than a dozen competitors vied for the top spot in four different divisions. The battle for clubhouse bragging rights was hotly contested in all but one and Mother Nature wasn’t the only one scorching […]
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“Welcome to Paradise!” Don’t fault the owners if it’s the first thing you hear from across the room when you walk into the clubhouse at Spring Brook. Obviously they take enthusiastic pride in their community. Remembering back on their initial visit, Dave and Kristine N. of East Troy, WI, admit the happy homeowner couldn’t have […]
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On Saturday, August 23rd, Spring Brook held the Annual Members’ Appreciation Party at the main pool.  Bringing people together to get away from their busy lives continues to be the goal and members experienced it first-hand. The Hawaiian themed celebration was ownership’s way to show appreciation for their continued patronage and support. Book a Wisconsin […]
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Little girls all over the countryside spend childhood fantasizing about their big day. From flowers to invitations and gowns to updos, the details of a wedding are what can make it memorable or miserable. Recently, the events staff took a trip into the dreams of one such aspiring Princess. The result began much like a […]
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