The Ultimate Wisconsin Dells Travel Guide for Summer and Fall

Planning the perfect summer or fall vacation getaway can be a lot easier when you find a trusted source to help you build your itinerary. Wisconsin Dells is the perfect location to spend your hard-earned vacation days. Our travel destination features exciting outdoor activities, thrilling water parks, a vibrant downtown community, unique local restaurants and […]
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Friday Night Fish Fry

Hello, How are you? Table for two? Or a spot at the bar? Perhaps a nice cozy booth? Perfect! This way, but please don’t delay, we have a lot to go over and some things I must say! I won’t talk too much, I’ll just relay the essentials, and I’m a professional server….you can check […]
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Football Season is Around the Corner!

It’s that time of year again. I know it’s just mid-summer right now but soon the late summer doldrums will appear, the leaves will be changing, the nights will get shorter and shorter, and then you know what that means. It’S FOOTBALL TIME! Ok, at least pre-season anyway! College players will get the official ball […]
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Cookies and Milk (or Perhaps Alcohol) for Santa

This Christmas Eve, American children will leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus to enjoy after his trip down their chimney with his bag of gifts. Some will add a few carrots for his trusty reindeer, as they need sustenance as well. The origins of this particular custom and how it became a staple […]
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Happy Maewyn’s Day!

In a few days we will be eating corned beef and drinking some questionable green beer all in celebration of a 5th century priest who got rid of some snakes…or did he? The traditional stories put St. Patrick in a small Ireland town driving the snakes from a village to the elation of its people. […]
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What It Means to Be a Chef

Most people have no idea what is involved in being a chef. Only about 10% of the population has ever worked in a professional kitchen so they don’t understand it involves a lot more than just cooking. Let me fill everyone in on my experiences in the 14+ years I’ve been doing this. Some of […]
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Behind Enemy Lines

A Bears Fan in Packer Land   I’ll start from the beginning. 1985 is the year and Ronald Reagan is still talking about some crazy space weapons and gas is only $1.09/gal. In April of that year in a small town in Wisconsin a young woman is giving birth to her third (and most awesome) […]
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Food Competitions

It’s early evening on Sunday and the whole staff, including me, are collectively considering a career change. We are beyond tired. Soon we’ll find out if all the hard work and foul language was worth the effort. Let me explain. Preparing food for an unknown amount of people has a few challenges, especially if it […]
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Beer is Good, Great Beer is Better

Do you drink beer? Well I do, and I LOVE it. Not in an over-the-top life ruining kind of way, but in a I’m-not-drinking-any-crappy-beer kind of way. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there as younger versions of ourselves chugging some really, awful tasting beer that was on sale or cheaper than […]
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The Madness of March

The calendar has turned to March. This means many things. We turn our clocks ahead, the winter weather is all but over (fingers crossed) and the biggest sporting event in college sports takes place. Of course we’re talking about the Men’s college basketball championship. This tournament has been a national event since its inception in […]
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On A Wing & A Prayer

The big game is over. Time to snap out of that chicken wing induced food coma, or go a delicious wing restaurant in Wisconsin. Boneless. Breaded. Traditional. In today’s world of variety and immediate gratification the choices are endless. The options haven’t always been that selective. Or available for that matter. It’s hard to imagine […]
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Oh My Cod!

Oh My Cod! Wisconsin’s love affair with Fish Fries It’s Friday night in a small town in Wisconsin and the smell of fried fish is in the air. This is true for pretty much every town in the state. If you’ve grown up in this state this is normal. But what if you’re from some […]
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The Monster Mary Promise

   Waking up to a headache the size of Texas from a night with good friends and too many good drinks, I wondered why I do this to myself. I promised myself, never again! And then it hits me, Bloody Mary! The one drink that has saved so many mornings it has it’s own days of celebration all […]
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Vacation Home vs. Shoebox Inn: Hotels Cost More than Money on Vacation

Search “Home vs. Hotel” online and the results are less than surprising.  Vacation homes are bigger. Full kitchen, separate bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms perhaps with a deck and yard versus two queen beds, maybe a mini fridge, and a bathroom in a box slightly larger than an office cubicle. Not much thinking to do there. […]
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“The second we drove in we loved the place without even looking at a home”, recall Craig and Dawn P of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Admittedly, they had an excellent resource in realtor Jim Anacker but after just two trips and a tour of a model home they decided Spring Brook was the place for them. Highly […]
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On Sunday, August 24th, the Spring Brook golf course held its annual Club Championship. With temperatures in the high nineties, more than a dozen competitors vied for the top spot in four different divisions. The battle for clubhouse bragging rights was hotly contested in all but one and Mother Nature wasn’t the only one scorching […]
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“Welcome to Paradise!” Don’t fault the owners if it’s the first thing you hear from across the room when you walk into the clubhouse at Spring Brook. Obviously they take enthusiastic pride in their community. Remembering back on their initial visit, Dave and Kristine N. of East Troy, WI, admit the happy homeowner couldn’t have […]
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On Saturday, August 23rd, Spring Brook held the Annual Members’ Appreciation Party at the main pool.  Bringing people together to get away from their busy lives continues to be the goal and members experienced it first-hand. The Hawaiian themed celebration was ownership’s way to show appreciation for their continued patronage and support. More than 75 […]
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Little girls all over the countryside spend childhood fantasizing about their big day. From flowers to invitations and gowns to updos, the details of a wedding are what can make it memorable or miserable. Recently, the events staff took a trip into the dreams of one such aspiring Princess. The result began much like a […]
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Follow the journey from” indifference” to” cannot wait to retire and relocate”. Tom and Linda Grams recount their family’s path to becoming part of the Spring Brook community: In 1996, their son and his in-laws purchased adjoining lots. Weekend visits impressed Linda. But despite Shawn’s excitement, Tom’s initial response was “lukewarm” to “indifferent”. Enter the […]
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June Heats Up Frigid Market

The winter freeze may have slowed the market down but existing home sales are up in Wisconsin according to the Wisconsin Realtor’s Association. The small increase along with a decline in the statewide unemployment rate are positive indicators when considering the market’s overall health. With that in mind Spring Brook’s Real Estate Broker Jim Anacker […]
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Spring Brook honored to host The 2014 Cryder Family Reunion

  Recently, Spring Brook was honored with the opportunity to host yet another successful family reunion. While using the well-equipped Champagne Chalet as a home base, they took advantage of the sleeping arrangements in a total of four vacation homes all situated within walking distance of each other. The kids enjoyed the game room in […]
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Our History

Spring Brook began in 1987 as an upscale campground on a rustic property with natural streams and a waterfall. After the campground opened, campers started to ask for ownership opportunities with year-round accommodations and ultimately, larger homes. In 1993, the main stream was dammed, forming the quiet 7-acre Spring Brook Lake. Now the former campground […]
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Spring Brook Launches New Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We pride ourselves in offering a world-class Wisconsin Dells vacation community, and what better way to highlight our facilities and events than with the launch of our new, user-friendly website. Packed with information, easy to navigate and up-to-date, our new site will help answer […]
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