When vacationing in a large group of people, you want a place that can accommodate everyone comfortably. A 3-bedroom condo could be the right choice for you. Our condos can sleep 14 people without anyone feeling cramped or having to put up with uncomfortable conditions throughout the vacation. Our condos are spacious, luxurious, and convenient. Many of the condos are equipped with fully-equipped kitchens, large screen TVs, and high-speed internet. From the balcony, you get a great view of the town while you sit back and sip on a cold one. You can enjoy all the entertainment provided in our Wisconsin Dells condo rentals and you’re only a few minutes away from the heart of town.


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Experience the Real Wisconsin Dells

One thing that our Wisconsin Dells condo rentals and FlipKey rentals have over vacation homes or even hotels is their proximity to the heart of town. You live in a neighborhood where the locals get to shop, walk their dogs, and enjoy a drink in the local bar. This is the real life of the locals away from the tourist traps and prepackaged entertainment. It allows you to explore the quaint small-town charm of Wisconsin Dells and get a glimpse of the hidden beauty of this town. You see people going about their daily lives and you enjoy a coffee at the local diner with them. And since the local folks are welcoming and friendly, they can give you tips about the best places to enjoy your favorite sport or activity. And by the end of the vacation, you’ll have made a few friends.

Explore the Local Attractions Nearby Your Lodging in Wisconsin Dells

Staying in lodging in Wisconsin Dells WI so close to the heart of town means you can explore all the famous and not-so-famous attractions that attract tourists from all over the country. And there are plenty of activities here for everyone to enjoy. Guided tours come at the top of the list. There are historical tours that cover every nook and cranny in the town and neighboring areas that have seen major events such as the Civil War unfold in front of their eyes. A close second in terms of popularity are ghost tours. Many mansions here are rumored to be haunted, with many sightings which neither logic nor science can explain. Take one of the tours in haunted old Wilmington and listen to stories about ancient battles and spirits that roam in the dark.

Where to Eat in Wisconsin Dells

When visiting Wisconsin Dells, there is a wide variety of restaurants that suit almost all tastes, but the best thing of all is that many of those eateries are located near your cozy Wisconsin Dells condo rental. From continent to continent, there is ample opportunity to try something different every night in Wisconsin Dells. MACS Macaroni & Cheese Shop makes this popular American comfort food in several variations while Ishnalas Restaurant prepares recipes inspired from a traditional European steakhouse. Additionally, many of the local gastropubs offer comfort food alongside a full menu of craft beers and cocktails.

Wine in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin is a state known for its craft beer. From Milwaukee to Marquette, it seems as if there is a craft beer brewery on almost every corner of every town, and plenty near our Wisconsin Dells condo rentals. Fortunately for guests staying at one of our cozy Wisconsin Dells condo rentals, there is a place nearby to enjoy your favorite grape. At the Wollersheim Winery & Distillery, visitors can choose from a wide variety of varietals, both red and white including several special bottles as well. If you consider yourself an oenophile, don’t forget to stop by and pick up a bottle of zinfandel, merlot, Syrah or a hybrid Muscat for your cozy condo!

Lakeside Parks

When visiting Wisconsin Dells in the summer or anytime outside of the cold winter months, most visitors flock to any one of the abundant water parks in town. However, the cool lakes and waterways around your cozy Wisconsin Dells condo are some of the best places to visit. The Wisconsin River runs for approximately 430 miles through the state as a tributary of the mighty Mississippi, and in its wake, it has carved some of the loveliest landscapes in Wisconsin. In fact, Lake Wisconsin and Mason Lake are two of the most visited natural attractions in the region. Both locations provide visitors a full, outdoors experience which includes opportunities to camp, kayak, fish, hike and catch a glimpse of the Badger State’s wildlife.

Educational Excursions

Oftentimes when we travel, we search for attractions that are not only fun and entertaining, but ones that provide enlightenment and education. Fortunately, Wisconsin Dells provides several interesting options. For instance, the Riverside & Great Northern Railway Museum expounds upon the history of railroads in the region. Additionally, there is a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not location and a few art galleries interspersed throughout the region.

Your vacation in Wisconsin Dells can best be experienced when you choose the right condo to stay in. Call us today to learn more about your spacious and stylish 3-bedroom Wisconsin Dells condo rentals.