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The picturesque setting of Wisconsin Dells is perfect for your upcoming wedding. Consider having your wedding at our resort. You can get married on our grounds and rent your honeymoon suite directly from Spring Brook. Our resort can also host all of your guests, making travel arrangements simple in our cabins in Wisconsin Dells WI.

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Outdoor Wedding Space

We are ready for your big day. We have an event space just for your wedding. Our stunning upscale Northwoods decor, flexible dining space, and comfortable atmosphere will be a perfect fit!

When you book your wedding with us, we offer several additional amenities not included in your normal stay package. These include a free one-night stay in our honeymoon suite for the bride and groom, table linens for the head table, a dance floor, a wedding tent that can fit up to 300 people, set up and tear down of the event, a cake cutting service table, tables for gifts, decorations, and a bartender.

Book Cabins in Wisconsin Dells WI with Multiple Rooms

You can book all your guests and wedding party members here at Spring Brook. Renting our cabins in in Wisconsin Dells WI together means you’ll be just a short walk away from each other’s homes. Consider putting the bride and her bridesmaids in the same house, and the groom and his groomsmen in their own home. Each can have their wedding showers and pre-wedding parties.

We offer everything from a one-bedroom vacation rental in Wisconsin Dells to six-bedroom homes. All are privately owned and furnished, so they’re move-in ready. They come with luxury features such as flat screen TVs, plush mattresses and couches, and spacious, fully-equipped kitchens.

Dells Lumberjack Show

If you have never been to a real lumberjack show before, prepare yourself for some of the toughest competition you’ll ever see. This is where muscle goes up against lumber in 14 fierce events to decide the champion. The two competing teams go through a warm-up with canoe jousting, then they take it out on a block of wood before they turn to a target and throw the axe. Next, it’s time for cross sawing and spring board chop before each team displays their dexterity and agility in the obstacle pole event. But it’s not all old-fashioned saws and axes. Hot Saw is an event where chainsaws are used to cut three cookies as fast as they can. Another event that uses chainsaws is “Chainsaw Carve,” where skill is more important than strength.

Dells Trolley Tours

This by far is one of the best ways to experience Wisconsin Dells at a relaxing pace. There are different tours to suit every taste and need. Some of the seasonal tours include Full Winter Wonderland Tour. It’s a great tour that has everything from sleighs and wine to bonfire and great food and hot chocolate. Bloody Mary/Mimosa Tour is a pub crawl that takes you through some of the landmark bars in the city and lunch is included as well. And if you like to feel a chill down your spine, then the Haunted Trolley Tour is right up your alley. Here you’ll be taken to the darker side of the Dells. Starting with the cemetery, the tour takes you to many of the haunted houses where unrequited souls keep roaming at night and frightening the neighbors.

Ghost Out-Post Haunted House

If the last trolley tour was to your liking, you’d probably enjoy a longer visit to a haunted house. But this is more than just another haunted place where a rustling in the basement will make you jump out the window. This is a place where you face your own fears, from being trapped in a maze to having a man-eating rat chasing you down with evil intentions. The torment comes in many shapes and forms in this house. You start with the Executioner, then you descend into Hellhound, but not before outrunning Willard the Rat and escaping Death Support. If you are still alive, then the Vortex Room is waiting for you right before the Barrel Eel. In total there are 13 torture rooms that will make your blood run cold. It’s like being on the set of a horror movie and you’re the victim. But in a fun way.

Plenty of Entertainment

Our large resort has endless options for activities for your wedding party. You’ll have access to grills and beautiful, spacious patios to enjoy an outdoor barbecue. Try any of several hiking trails and visit our two natural lakes.

Golf at our private course or rent a bike and peddle around the trails. Workout in our fitness center before jumping into the pool; we have both indoor and outdoor pools.

In the days leading up to the wedding, you can venture out to Wisconsin Dells or stay at the resort for a night out and try your voice at karaoke. Go see a historic circus, a live water ski show, or a Broadway musical. Eat a burger at the wonderful Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill or have a steak and cocktail at the Double Cut. We can give you recommendations on what to do in the area.

Our website makes learning about the surrounding area and booking our cabins in Wisconsin Dells WI easy. We provide high-quality photos, floor plans, and pricing options, so visit us today and book your wedding vacation rentals in Wisconsin Dells!