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We happily host any and all events, from corporate retreats to family reunions. Just as we take care of you when you stay in our homes, we want you to sit back, relax and let us take over the job of hosting your event. We have years of practice in scheduling large parties and catering to them in our rentals in Wisconsin Dells WI.

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When you host your event with us, you’ll have several options for the venue. Our larger private dining and meeting room can seat up 60 guests. Our smaller Northwoods meeting and party room is perfect for small meetings, gatherings or intimate parties, with seating for up to 40 guests. Or if you have more, we can provide a 4,000-square-foot outdoor tent that seats 300.

We offer flexible menu planning, including sit-down entrees, buffet-style dinners, and appetizer cocktail parties. We have a spacious recreation center complete with arcade games and more, and a beautiful par 36, nine-hole regulation golf course. We can assist in all your Wisconsin Dells event retreats planning needs.

Wisconsin Dells Vacation Home Amenities

Whether you’re looking for the perfect, most comfortable Wisconsin Dells vacation home for grandma or enough space to fit all the kids, we’ve got your back. Call us and we can offer recommendations on which homes, condos and suites will fit your needs best.

Our custom-furnished, spacious homes are luxurious in every sense. Our decorations are unique and often custom-made. Each home has its own flare and its own design.

We have way more amenities than your average home or hotel. Our kitchens are fully-equipped so you and guests of your event can dine and relax together. Our patios include barbecues and rec areas, perfect for an evening of drinking, cooking and hanging out.

We give you everything you need to feel at home with us. Our condos come with the added convenience of in-home washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards.

Your relaxation doesn’t stop inside your Wisconsin Dells vacation home. We provide everything you need for a relaxing and fun-filled vacation within the boundaries of our community. Our suites are directly across the street from Spring Brook’s Clubhouse, which includes the Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill, indoor/outdoor pools, fitness room, and a golf course and pro shop.

All About Cranes

The International Crane Foundation has a mission to protect cranes, their ecosystems, watersheds, and flyways. When you visit them, you’ll be able to see all 15 species of cranes in one place, making the foundation a unique place among all other organizations interested in crane protection. The headquarters are only 10 minutes away from Wisconsin Dells and you can enjoy a guided tour to know all about cranes. You can also enjoy a hike on the many trails available. There’s also a gift shop where you can buy a souvenir (nature-themed) to remind you of this great visit. The guided tours start at 10 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm every day. The tours are free, and you can always opt out of the guided tour and explore the site on your own.

Magic Escape Room

As part of Jeremey Allen’s Theater, the Magic Escape Room is an escape room with a twist. The twist here is the magic. The room is not what it appears to be and there’s a touch of the supernatural about the puzzles. There are two versions for the room: the family-friendly one and the scary one. Depending on your taste you can go with either one. The premise is simple enough: You stumble into a room in the magic theater after hours and you decide to explore it, only the door locks behind you, leaving you trapped inside. You look for the door, but it’s gone. The room, you soon find out, is a magician’s room, and you have to make your way out of it. Your mission is to escape the room within 60 minutes with $50,000 and three blueprints before the room self-destructs.

Laser Battles

Finding your way out of a magician’s room might be easy, but laser battles are anything but. The military laser tag attraction has plenty of events to get everyone excited. The battle space is about 20,000 feet and you have every opportunity to display your skills with laser and military strategy. Choose between an indoor low-light battlefield like Laser Warfare or an outdoor urban battlefield such as Urban Assault. Military Mayhem is an outdoor military arena. The missions themselves are varied—from death matches to domination and last man standing—but it’s not all about fighting. Some of the missions aim for team building and couple therapy. It’s also a good place to have your bachelor/bachelorette party.

Call us today to start planning one of the best Wisconsin Dells event retreats and to learn about local activities!