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If you are planning a corporate retreat for some team building and offsite education, why not come to Wisconsin Dells? Spring Brook is the ultimate destination getaway, with beautiful properties for each guest to call home during the retreat and plenty of opportunity for recreation. Perhaps the biggest benefit of booking your corporate retreat through us is that the entire retreat can stay on our Wisconsin Dells group lodging 360-acre resort.

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Tons of Outdoor Recreation Outside Your Wisconsin Dells Group Lodging

On our resort, you’ll have access to entertainment, fitness, outdoor and relaxation options. At Spring Brook, we have a family-friendly pool, a restaurant and bar, a fitness studio, a nine-hole golf course, hiking trails, kayak and canoe rentals, ski rentals and trails, and a playground. We offer four seasons of fun when you book our Wisconsin Dells large group rentals.

Our nine-hole golf course is the perfect place to do business and get away from it all. It’s set within the tall pines of the Wisconsin Northwoods. The course is a nine-hole, par-36 regulation course. The course is beautiful in and of itself and offers respite to any who choose to play; rolling terrain, woods, lakes, waterfalls and rivers are all included. You can conveniently book your tee time online.

D.O.A Room Escape

One of the best team-building experiences is to put the team together in one place and give them one goal to achieve. Like, say, trying to escape from a room they get trapped in. This is where real teamwork shines. There are clues to be discovered, analyzed, then used to solve the puzzle. D.O.A Room Escape offers plenty of rooms with puzzles of varying difficulty that would require the whole group to put their heads together. Titanic recreates the famous ship, but this time the team must escape to avoid the disastrous fate of the ship. The Basement is another room full of twists and unique puzzles that require a lot of creativity and brain power to solve. The Circus is yet another room with a spooky theme or a funny one, depending on how you choose to look at it.

Vertical Adventures

This is another sort of adventure that enhances team bonding and creates harmony among the members of the group. Dells Adventures designed some activities specifically for groups where each individual would have to work together with the others to achieve a goal. The goal here can be climbing ice. There’s a sense of competition which is indispensable in every successful team, but also there is bond that sprouts out of cooperation and having a common goal. Ice climbing is similar to mountain climbing. The tools are a little different, being more suited to ice, but the concept is the same. Safety ropes tie the climbers together, and if one person slips, the others have his/her back. This leads to a sense of loyalty to the team and knowing that the safety of the whole team is dependent on each member’s actions.

Dells Game Show & Comedy Club

Since laughter brings people together, there’s nothing more bonding than sharing a joke or laughing at a joke. Dells Comedy Club promises a lot of laughs and entertainment. They have some of the best comedians in town and the jokes rain down every night. The game offers more than entertainment. It offers competition in a healthy atmosphere that brings happiness and joy. Since there’s always a winner and a loser in these games, the teams will learn to try to win while accepting a loss without malice. The game show lasts for an hour usually. It’s a fun way to spend an evening out for the whole team.

Host a Team Bonding Event

Gather in the evening at the sports bar and grill for drinks, wings and happy hour, or go out to any of our fantastic restaurants.

You can rent an event space with us, too, so you can create and host your own team bonding event. It’s also perfect for work conferences with speakers and workshops. We can even provide amenities such as set up, clean up, bartending, and catering.

Our larger private dining and meeting room can seat up 60 guests. Our smaller Northwoods meeting and party room is perfect for small meetings, gatherings or intimate parties, with seating for up to 40 guests. Or if you have more, we can provide a 4,000-square-foot outdoor tent that seats 300.

Luxurious, Individualized Homes

Our custom-furnished, spacious homes are luxurious in every sense. Our decorations are unique and often custom-made. Each of our Wisconsin Dells large group rentals has its own flare and its own design.

We have way more amenities than your average home or hotel. Our kitchens come fully-equipped so you and your coworkers can dine and relax together, whether for an event or for an after-work party. Our patios include barbecues and rec areas, perfect for an evening of drinking, cooking and hanging out. Or if you’re hosting parties as part of your retreat, our homes are perfect for that, too.

Your whole team can stay with us in the Wisconsin Dells large group rentals on the resort. If you’re looking for individual condos and suites, you can reserve a block for the whole team. Or you can reserve any one of our custom-furnished homes. Call us today, and we’ll accommodate your team in any way we can!