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When looking for a short term rental for your Wisconsin Dells vacation, Spring Brook Vacation Home Resort is the first place you should look. Our homes offer that something extra special that makes a Wisconsin vacation unforgettable! Whether you are only planning on being in the area for a few days or are planning an extended vacation, it’s important that you feel comfortable and at home during your stay. Your vacation home should provide more than just a place to rest your head at night; it should be an integral part of the vacation experience. Keep reading to learn more reasons our Wisconsin Dells short term rentals are designed to meet all your vacation needs!

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Classic Beauty and Style of our Wisconsin Dells Short Term Rentals 

As you turn the key on one of our Wisconsin Dells short term rentals, your first impression will always be of warmth and welcoming. Follow the paths of wood or tile floors into rooms that charm: kitchens containing high end appliances and custom cabinetry, living areas that are both spacious and cozy, and bedrooms in which sleep reigns supreme! Tranquil and peaceful, each home offers a style all their own; the one common trait all our properties share is a feeling of home.

Many kitchens feature a breakfast bar perfect for late night snacks, sharing confidences, or to be used as overflow seating when all the family is together. Some of our living areas feature stone fireplaces to keep you cozy on the coldest winter nights, and others contain bunk rooms where cousins can sleep and giggle and talk through the night. Our larger homes are perfect for family reunions or destination weddings, giving you and your family a central meeting spot that makes your event even more special. Our bathrooms are spacious and spa-like, some containing the ultimate in pampering accessories—deep jetted tubs. If you’re planning on doing a lot of physical activities during your stay in Wisconsin Dells, these homes are the ones you want to rent! We also have a whole variety of Wisconsin Dells cabins and cottages for your short term stay as well!

Resort Living at Its Finest

One of the best parts of staying in one of our Wisconsin Dells cabins and cottages is having access to all the community amenities: multiple pools, including indoor ones you can swim in year-round, hot tubs, a fitness studio, even surrey bike and boat rentals to keep you entertained while playing outside as well! Playgrounds for the younger set mean you will never have to hear the words “I’m bored!” and Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill ensures you won’t miss your favorite game!

Dells Army Ducks

Wisconsin Dells has been using the Ducks for over 70 years. But the army Ducks are different. They are genuine World War II boats that saw action during the war. Now they happily chug down the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton carrying tourists around. And the tourists are happy. Because the military vehicle just about takes them anywhere they like. The sandstone formations that are about 14,000 years old look really different when you see it from the Duck boat. The tour lasts for an hour, but it’s an hour you won’t forget. And if you fancy having a party on board an ex-military boat, the PT109 boat is only too happy to accommodate you and your friends.

Broadway Musicals in the Dells

How would you like to watch a Broadway musical right here during your vacation in Wisconsin Dells? How? It’s simple. You just head over to the Palace Theater where the state-of-the-art place reproduces Broadway musicals, family shows, and tribute artists. Not only that but you can also have dinner at the theater. It doesn’t get any better than that, right? Actually, it does. In addition to the musicals and shows, the theater also hosts concerts and live music. And taking a look at their concert calendar, one can see tributes for artists like Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Toby Keith, and many others. So you can see why an evening at the theater can be the perfect outing for the whole family. The theater also caters for children with shows like Peter Pan.


If you haven’t heard about bowfishing before, it is just fishing using a bow. It’s not as simple as it sounds, because it requires concentration, alertness, and quick reflexes, but it’s a lot of fun. Especially when you take a charter down the river with an experienced captain who’ll let you in on the secret of hunting your fish with a crossbow. Now, this is different from anglers where you cast a line and wait for the fish to come to you. Instead, you go looking for the fish, and when you see one, you aim and let go of the arrow. There are two types of charters: day charters and night charters. The night charters are even more fun, because darkness makes it even more challenging to catch your fish. And as we all know, the more challenging the task, the sweeter the reward.

Choosing Spring Brook is the Right Decision

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