When choosing a vacation destination there are a few things you should always make sure to check first before you make any definite plans, such as the usual temperature, likelihood of rain or and snow, the busiest and least crowded months, as well as the overall travel experience. Wisconsin Dells is one of those destinations that offers a great outdoors experience when the conditions are right. If you’re going to visit Wisconsin Dells, this means that depending on your goals, choosing the best time of the year to stay there will help you get the most out of your Wisconsin Dells, WI Vacation. If you’re looking to enjoy the dells, the golf courses, and the waterparks, then late spring all the way to fall would be great. If skiing and snowmobiling are what give you thrills, then winter is the season for you.

Temperature and ‘Feel Like’ Temperature

Temperature varies widely in Wisconsin Dells. And because of the high winds and humidity, the feel-like temperature can be extreme. On average it is always cold for about half the year. From late fall to early spring (November to April) you’ll feel chilly thanks to a combination of wind, humidity, and rain. It snows about 2-4 days a month which is not bad if you’re used to cold weather, and even better if you’re looking to enjoy your favorite winter sports. These months also see the lowest density of tourists that visit Wisconsin Dells.

Busiest and Least Crowded Months When You Visit Wisconsin Dells

On average there are three months where Wisconsin Dells receives the most visitors going on a Wisconsin Dells, WI vacation. These are March, July, and October in that order. Those months represent the peak of the three seasons where this Midwest destination offers its best attractions. So if you visit during those times, you can expect to see crowds of people everywhere you go. On the other hand, December is the least appealing month for tourists, so you’ll practically have the whole place for yourself when you visit Wisconsin Dells if you can stand the chilly weather.

Overall Experience

Depending on the season your experience in Wisconsin Dells varies. Early spring is a bit chilly and feels like winter and it rains between 2-6 days a month. But it gets warm in the later months. This is the best time to enjoy your Wisconsin Dells WI vacation because of the outdoors, which explains its popularity among tourists. During summer and fall, the weather is pleasant and warm enough for you to enjoy all the outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, fishing, and golfing are open for all. But come winter, it’s time to take a long nap till spring wakes the town up again since tourists would be coming when they visit Wisconsin Dells.

Planning your vacation to Wisconsin Dells ahead of time will ensure you get to enjoy all the activities you come here for. Call us today to book your vacation home at Spring Brook.