It’s easy to have a Wisconsin Dells family vacation because Wisconsin Dells is more than just the water parks. This fascinating vacation destination has plenty of entertainment, activities, and fun opportunities for visitors of all ages, especially the kids. Of course, bringing your children to the ‘Water Park Capital of the World,’ where countless waterslides and even an upside-down White House are waiting for them, would be a chance to create some lasting happy memories. This is the kind of place that you can keep coming back to relive your childhood memories and the place will always look fresh and new in your eyes. But we all know that traveling with children is no easy task. However, Wisconsin Dells offers many amenities, that beside its attractions, make this a must-visit destination for the whole family. Here are some tips for traveling with children to Wisconsin Dells that could result in a fun Dells vacation.

Traveling Tips for your Wisconsin Dells Family Vacation

Of course, traveling with kids requires extra planning and taking precautions. From bringing a lot of sunscreen and swimsuits to making sure the place you’re going to has attractions for children. But also getting there is another thing to consider. You can choose to either fly, use Amtrak, or take the Greyhound bus. Both Amtrak and Greyhound will take you right to downtown Wisconsin Dells. Free shuttles are available to the major attractions of the town, so you won’t have to walk or call a cab every time you want to go somewhere; kids are not super enthusiastic about walking anyway. So make sure to inquire about the free shuttles and their routes. Also, many dining outlets allow children under 12 for free, so taking advantage of that will cut down on your costs for your Dells vacation.

Outdoor Activities

Of course a Wisconsin Dells family vacation has to have outdoor fun! Outdoor activities for children are mainly about water slides and water sports, so don’t forget to bring lots of sunscreens and apply it every few hours. If you’re traveling in a large group, you can get a group discount in many places. And since we’re talking about being in and around the water, make sure you bring a waterproof camera with you for plenty of fun photos. For the best time of the year to visit with your kids, avoid the peak months (March, July, and September) because of the crowds and the high rates for your Dells vacation. If you’re a frequent Airbnb renter, we now offer the option of booking our Airbnb rentals in Wisconsin Dells too!

Indoor Attractions

Indoor activities are available all year round when you have a Dells vacation. Whether it’s sunny outside or it’s snowing (on average it snows about 2 – 6 days a month during the winter months), your kids will be having fun indoors where it’s safe away from the elements. And don’t forget to take the kids to Circus World. It offers plenty of classic circus acts that will delight the children and adults alike.

Wisconsin Dells has plenty of attractions specifically for kids. Call us for more information and to book a vacation home for your family at our resort.