There is some interesting facts about Wisconsin Dells history, For one thing, the town of Wisconsin Dells was first name ‘Dalles’ by early French explorers, a word that means rapids or narrows in a river in French. Throughout its long history, the Wisconsin River has always played a part in the lives of the locals, not just by helping them with their logging business, but by shaping their way of life, customs, and etiquette. Today, Wisconsin Dells is one of America’s favorite tourist destinations. But a look back at its history reveals that this national fascination with this small town goes back hundreds of years. As far back as 1856, newspapers such as Wisconsin Mirror were gushing about “the wild, romantic scenery of the Dells” making it “a place of resort for seekers of pleasure.” Here is some other interesting Wisconsin Dells information:

Early History with Native Americans

The Native Americans have made a home for themselves in the Dells for over 2000 years. The rock formations in the area still carry pictographs carved by them. The burial grounds and ceremonial mounds are still sacred lands to this day, or at least what’s left of them. You can still see some of those remains of the ancient Native American life at the Kingsley Bend Wayside on Highway 16. Effigies representing giant bears, eagles, and panthers attract tourists from everywhere.

Wisconsin Dells History

Another bit of interesting Wisconsin Dells information is that before it was renamed Wisconsin Dells, the town was called Kilbourn City from 1856 until 1931. That was the name of the railroad president. But even before it was officially named Wisconsin Dells, locals and tourists alike have always known it by that name. Wisconsin is what Native Americans called it on account of the dark rushing water of the river. The Ho-Chunk tribe is responsible for that name, and its descendants still live on 2000 acres of land in the area, preserving the culture, language, and way of life of that magnificent tribe.

From Logging to Tourism

Some interesting information about Wisconsin Dells history is that Logging was the major occupation of early settlers. The Wisconsin River helped move the large pines to the cities in the south. But because the river had lots of rapids, that didn’t make logging any easier. Once tourists discovered the natural beauty of the area, logging was abandoned and small businesses sprouted around town to cater to the seasonal visitors who came off the steamboats in the thousands every year. Once a dam was built on the river, that meant the end of logging altogether.

‘The Waterpark Capital of the World,’ as Wisconsin Dells is famously known, is a place that deserves to be on your bucket list. Call us today to book your vacation home and know more about the great attractions this town has to offer.