Wisconsin Dells gained national popularity thanks in part to the iconic photography of H. H. Bennett in the late 19th century. Bennet’s most famous photo was a technological landmark in the development of faster shutter releases. It enabled him to “stop” capture motion on film, something traditional cameras could not do (picture the classic photoshoot where subjects had to hold very still, for long periods of time while the film was exposed). For the Dells, the photo was a landmark too, showcasing the rugged beauty of the region and capturing the imagination of a young country. In the famous shot, Bennett’s son can be seen frozen in midair – a previously impossible feat in photography – as he leaps from a rocky promontory onto the towering rock spire of Stand Rock, one of the many dells (sandstone rock formations) that comprise the unique landscape and give Wisconsin Dells its name. Today, you too can careen through the air amongst the chimney towers of the Dells thanks to the pulse-pounding zip line tours offered throughout the area.

Bigfoot Zipline Tours

The largest “zipper” in the Dells, Bigfoot Zip Line Tours boasts 7 towers and 7 different tracks – including 2 double race tracks – that crisscross above the red pines and white oaks below. Riders will traverse more than 2,000 yards of race lines and enjoy up to 2 hours exploring the beautiful Sasquatch Lake area from above as they zipline Wisconsin Dells. The neighboring WWII-themed ropes course provides even more excitement for those who love heights and obstacle courses. Perfect for anyone ages 4-80, you won’t want to miss this thrilling aerial adventure! (Note: Some weight restrictions apply).

This Isn’t Santa’s Zipline

Chimney Rock Park’s Vertical Illusions offers an eco-tour of the lush Wisconsin wilderness for those looking for what to do in Wisconsin Dells. With 15 lines connecting tree-to-tree, you’ll never touch the ground as you zip off jagged cliffs, over magical forests, and along hidden canyons. Towering over it all is Chimney Rock, a natural rock formation that has been attracting visitors for over a century. Here you can try your hand at rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, and even winter activities like ice climbing and snowshoeing.

New Heights When you Zipline Wisconsin Dells

The aerial course at Heightened Adventure offers kids and adults of all ages the chance to explore the tree canopy on a series of rope walks, bridges, and zip lines. Four different levels of courses mean there is something for all skill levels (and adventure tolerances), and your path is up to you. The courses meander through the tree tops between 10 and 60’ off the ground, with guided and self-guided tours available.

The beautiful and rugged landscape of the Dells can be explored in many ways if you’re looking for what to do in Wisconsin Dells, but one of our favorites is from the air. While you may not be able to follow in H. H. Bennett’s son’s footsteps, the zip line and rope course tours are a close second when it comes to a fantastic way to experience the natural grandeur of this unique area.

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