Located in the Upper Dells of Wisconsin Dells within what was once the Wisconsin River State Natural Area, visitors and locals alike flock to Witches Gulch for its amazing natural landscape of narrow canyon walls, richly layered in sediments and accentuated by verdant greenery. Learn more about what makes Witches Gulch one of the best Wisconsin Dells attractions to visit during your Wisconsin Dells vacation below!

Witches Gulf is a Scenic Natural Wisconsin Dells Attraction

Witches Gulch was once accessible by land but is currently only accessible by way of a boat tour of the Upper Dells from the local Wisconsin Dells tour company known as Dells Boat Tours. However, the views you’ll encounter in Witches Gulch are no less stunning on the water than they once were on land.

This section of the Upper Dells is famous for its narrow canyon walls, as well as its hidden chambers with whirlpools and Stand Rock, a monolithic pillar of sandstone where a trained dog leaps from the cliff to the rock and back to recreate the iconic first picture of Stand Rock, in which the photographer’s son traversed the incredible gap between the cliff face and the towering sandstone pillar.

Dells Boat Tours gives tours of Witches Gulch daily during April through mid-November, with varying trip times. Ghost-themed tours of Witches Gulch and other portions of the Upper Dells, often given at night, are given during the summer season beginning on Memorial Day weekend and on weekends in the months of September and October. Enjoy your trip on The Ghost Boat!

Tickets for the Upper Dells boat tour cost $15.00 per child ages 4-11 years and $30.00 per adult ages 12 years or older. Children ages 3 years or younger are free.

You’ll find the boat dock that Dells Boat Tours uses for their Upper Dells boat tours located at 107 Broadway in downtown Wisconsin Dells. You can find out additional information about Witches Gulch by calling (608) 254-8555, emailing mail@dellsboats.com or groups@dellsboats.com, or by speaking with our representatives at Spring Brook Resort.

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