No matter how old we get, spending a day at a waterpark is a thrill from start to finish. The feel of the concrete beneath bare feet as we stand in line to reach the peak of each slide, the sun hot above, the water cool against our skin, and yes, the sticky sweet taste of the popsicles that complement the adventures and shenanigans we find ourselves in throughout the day. (Another thing we never get too old for: the taste of popsicles on a hot summer day!) If waterparks are your thing, a visit to Wilderness Territory during your Wisconsin Dells getaway should be the first thing you do when you arrive. Unpack your bags, throw on a swimsuit and flip flops, and prepare for a day of adventures like you’ve never experienced before!

Wilderness Territory is Located at 511 East Adams Street in Wisconsin Dells

So you may be asking yourself, “What’s so different about Wilderness Territory?” That very valid question deserves a very detailed answer. Wilderness Territory isn’t just a waterpark; it’s EIGHT waterparks in one area! Featuring four indoor parks that extend your Wisconsin water fun time and four outdoor parks, if you can’t find a slide or pool spot that doesn’t interest you, maybe waterparks really aren’t your thing!

Wilderness Territory in Wisconsin Dells offers indoor cabanas for the adults to enjoy their favorite beverages without having to fight the sun. If the sun doesn’t bother you, Margaritas is a swim up bar for adults only; partially inside and partially outside, this bar offers the best of both summer worlds!

Lazy rivers, a Hurricane which allows up to four people ride a raft for extreme thrills, an indoor wave park built under a dome that allows for tanning if you feel the need, bumper boats, an indoor/outdoor hot tub for those adults who don’t want to expend the energy needed riding the slides—these are just a few of the fun things you can experience while exploring the wild world of Wilderness Territory! When hunger pangs hit, there are more than a couple of restaurants that serve sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, and of course, frozen treats that make a hot summer day even sweeter in Wilderness Territory!

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