When in Wisconsin Dells and looking for fun and entertainment for the whole family, Tommy Bartlett Exploratory is the place to go. The 175 activities you’ll get to experience will expand your horizons and give you a unique insight into the works of science and physics. If you have always dreamed of having superpowers and lifting a truck with your bare hands or exploring the core module of the Russian Space Station, Tommy Bartlett is the place where you can see those dreams become a reality. Kids will love all the virtual reality experiences and mirrors and simulations.

Interactive Science Center

Children will love to get their hands on the gadgets and gizmos at the center. Space and science attract people from all walks of life. And when you’re standing in front of a real spaceship that was shipped from a Moscow museum, you can’t help but stare in wonder. And when you learn that out of the massive Russian space program, only three pieces are allowed for public viewing and this is one of them, it’s no wonder that this sophisticated piece of equipment is the centerpiece of the whole center.

Science and Technology

As you walk the maze-like floors of Tommy Bartlett Exploratory, there’s a lot to do and get busy with. There are literally hundreds of hands-on science experiments, and one of them doesn’t fail to fascinate people: It’s the giant lever exhibit. Here you can test your powers with this giant lever weighing over three tons. Can you pull down on a rope to lift that giant lever? Even children can take part and see for themselves what power they have in their arms.

Virtual Sports Center

If you found the space module fascinating and were amazed at how powerful you are, wait till you see the virtual sports center. Here the whole family can get in a game against computers using virtual reality. Try one of many popular sports and see who wins. Children, in particular, will love this because it’s similar to the video games they have been playing for years. And when you’ve had your fun with virtual reality, it’s time to visit the bridge of fire exhibit, where a giant generator will literally raise your hair using static electricity.

Tommy Bartlett Exploratory in Wisconsin Dells is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Here, science, the law of physics, and entertainment all come together to make for one fun outing for the whole family. Call us today to book your vacation rental in Wisconsin Dells.