Timbavati Wildlife Park offers a great opportunity for the whole family to spend a fun day with over 400 animals. It’s an educational trip that strengthens the children’s connection with nature and wildlife. Interacting with the animals is also both exciting and fun. Take a ride on the Safari Train and travel deep into the African animal kingdom or ride a camel and feel like you’re in Ancient Egypt during the times the pyramids were being built. Some animals like to be fed, and there’s nothing like feeding a tall giraffe or petting the baby animals in the nurseries.

Park Animals

With over 70 species, there’s a lot to see, pet, feed, and interact with at Timbavati Wildlife Park in Wisconsin Dells. In the interaction area, you can get close to parakeets, sloths, the toucan, and even the striped skunk. Moving to the grasslands area, you can see the majestic addax feeding quietly next to the temperamental wildebeest, while not far off a herd of kudus are lazily soaking up the sun. The giraffes, however, are too busy stretching their necks over the fence and picking food off the visitors outstretched arms. And that’s not all. You can see the arctic fox in the waterfalls area and watch large birds in the woodlands area.

Amazing Activities

Inside Timbavati Wildlife Park, there are many activities that are designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. The Safari Train is one of the most popular activities here. The less than a mile-long ride gets you up close and personal with ostriches, zebras, emus, and wildebeests. Prepare some food in your hand for the oryx, antelope, and nilgai because they enjoy the train snack. After the train ride, don’t miss the comedy show called Swine Time. Cute and cuddly pigs compete in this fun race as the visitors watch and cheer. Other great activities include camel rides, animal presentations, and tours of the different species that the park proudly keeps.

VIP-Behind the Scenes Tour

If you still feel like you haven’t had enough of all the gorgeous animals and would need to spend more special time with them, the VIP guided tour is the right one for you. Here, a tour guide will take a group of up to 5 people on a special tour that lasts for 90 minutes. You get to know the different animals and interact with them. Make sure to book the tour 24 hours in advance.

Timbavati Wildlife Park in Wisconsin Dells is one of the area’s most popular attractions. Call us for more information and to learn about our great vacation rental offers.