There are many reasons our town is the perfect vacation destination. Offering stunning landscapes, a large variety of family friendly activities, and a nightlife that can be both sophisticated and fun, we don’t understand why you would want to go anywhere else! What many people haven’t learned yet, however, is you can also visit Wisconsin Dells when you want to see Broadway shows but don’t feel like dealing with the big city life. The Palace Theater in the Dells is one of our favorite theaters, featuring Broadway plays, musical performances, and even the occasional Disney show, meaning even your littles will be able to discover a love for theater at the youngest of ages.

The Palace Theater in the Dells is Located at 564 Wisconsin Dells Parkway South

Going to a theater in a small town can be a mixed blessing. It’s always nice to be able to go out on the town and escape into other people’s lives, but sometimes the talent just isn’t there. This is NOT the issue with the Palace Theater, where each performance electrifies the audience and seems to improve nightly. Our actors and singers are talented individuals and we know how lucky we are that Hollywood or Branson hasn’t snatched them away! There are also Palace Theater in the Dells events and shows that you have to visit!

Currently showing a Broadway fave (Deathtrap) through October 7th, the next big tribute show (Judy & Liza) coming to the stage of this iconic theater starts October 12th and promises to be a big hit! And because the Palace does not believe that less is more, it’s also a dinner theater, offering the option of having dinner and drinks while watching the magic unfold onstage! Each show features a different menu; Deathtrap offers Cheesy Baguettes, Huang Chicken, and a decadent dessert called Death by Chocolate. This special chocolate tuxedo cake is topped with double fudge icing and chocolate drizzle and may upstage the actors performing their hearts out on the stage before you. Eat it fast and give your attention back to the hardworking performers as soon as you can! Because most every place in Wisconsin Dells is family friendly, there are children’s meal available for the kids, and wine, beer, and mixed drinks available for the over-21 guests!

After the Final Curtain Falls

Your magical night continues as you return to your Spring Brook Vacation Home Resort Wisconsin Dells retreat. Send the children off to bed, pour you and your deserving spouse a nice glass of wine from the bottle you bought at Fawn Creek Winery earlier in your stay, and turn Pandora on (Wi-Fi is included in your stay) for a nightcap of dancing and conversation with your favorite traveling partner. Reserve your piece of Wisconsin Dells paradise today!

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