Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Wisconsin Dellsis an area that is home to some exquisite natural beauty. But it is also home to an incredible community. This community really knows how to take advantage of the beauty of this area, but they also provide many unique ways to spend a day beyond outdoor pursuits. Among great bars, restaurants, and theatres, you will find one of the area’s most unique gems in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.

Incredible Sights and Experiences

A visit here is sure to provide for one of the most interesting experiences you have during your entire trip. Spend the day exploring the endless thrills of the “Odditorium.” This space offers three stories and 11incredible exhibits delving into everything odd. You can find extensive examples of fascinating illusions and riddles. You can explore some of the oldest electrical devices ever created. Here, you can do much more than simply admire incredible sights, as they strive to create an interactive experience. There is no better example of this than the “Curse of King Tut” adventure. Adventure through the breathtaking caverns of King Tut’s Temple as you try to find numerous hidden objects and escape this spooky place. Here, you will find an opportunity to have a bunch of fun while learning about a wide range of topics. The best part is this unique experience is available for the low price of admission of only $14.99. This makes it one of the best values of any activity in the Pocono Mountains area. There is also plenty more to take advantage of, like one of the most unique experiences in Wizard Quest. This activity blends interactive gaming with exploring an amazing space with your team. It is one of the most fun riddle and scavenger hunt combinations that you will find, and you can opt to package this experience with your Ripley’s Believe It or Not admission.

Get in touch with the pros at Ripley’s Believe It or Not by calling them at 608.254.2184 to learn more about this amazing experience or go to You are also always welcome to swing by and see it for yourself at 115 Broadway. Nothing hits the spot after this kind of adventure like a lovely place to spend the evening. There are countless amazing vacation rentals around Wisconsin Dells, but the only way to ensure you find the perfect one is to look at the Spring Brook Vacation Home Resort.



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