No matter how old we get, we still are amazed every single time the caped man on the stage pulls a rabbit out of his top hat, makes an audience disappear, or saws his assistant in half, and as curious as we are about his secrets, we never want them revealed. When you visit Wisconsin Dells, a trip to the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater will bring you back to the innocence of your youth as Rick Wilcox himself brings out all the old faithful magic tricks and introduces you to a few new ones. Prepare to be amazed during your once in a lifetime Wisconsin getaway!

The Rick Wilcox Magic Theater is Located at 1670 Wisconsin Dells Parkway

The big red building with the golden signs has been a Wisconsin Dells landmark for more years than we can remember, leading the way to a couple of hours of magic, comedy, and illusions. Rick Wilcox is a master magician who has won many awards over the years, and once you see his show, you’ll understand why! Family friendly and with ticket prices ranging from $30 to $50, a night of magic and mystery fits into almost any vacationer’s budget.

Abracadabra! Did You See What We Saw?

Performing every trick in the book, from simple rope tricks to major illusions, the master magician often calls for help from the audience; he’s so sure of his craft he’s not worried his new assistants will figure out the secrets behind the magic. Watch as his permanent assistant floats unassisted in mid-air, and wince in dismay as each sword finds its mark in the box that isn’t empty—the poor lady who works as his partner is hidden inside! Watch the fiery red Lamborghini magically appear on the stage and laugh hysterically at jokes that will have you wake up in the middle of night still chuckling at his delivery! Disappearing helicopters, mystified participants—The Rick Wilcox Magic Theater pulls out all the stops to ensure your night of magic is a memorable one! Lucky audience members who are chosen to help with the show are rewarded with small gifts to help them remember their input long after the night has ended.

The Magic Doesn’t Stop at the End of the Show

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