Your vacation to Wisconsin Dells is guaranteed to be a good time, even if you have no idea of what to expect during your stay. When you stay in one of our Spring Brook Vacation Home Resort luxury properties, you have the added advantage of our helpful tips. We understand it can be difficult to find vacation activities that can be enjoyed by all members of your traveling party, and when you have children, finding something they like to do can be the most difficult of all—that’s where Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium comes into the picture.

Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium Located at 817 Broadway in Wisconsin Dells

From the outside, the brick structure that houses the wonders of Mr. Marvel has the appearance of a private home, one perhaps owned by a slightly eccentric older lady who loves knights in shining armor and gargoyles resting on the ground. Inside, you’ll find rooms decorated in Victorian splendor, each holding something more interesting and unique than the one before it!

Open from May 20th Until Labor Day

Only open in the late spring and summer, Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium offers a fascinating glance into the world of weird and outlandish, with rooms filled with gator heads and Rubik’s Cubes stuck in glass vases, shelves filled with oversized insects’ bodies, tarantulas that met their makers long ago, and even a large bird perched on a wooden structure. Live shows feature magicians escaping from straitjackets, fire eaters and more; there’s always something zany going on in the Wondertorium, bringing joy and happiness to children of all ages! The giant bubble makers never fail to please, and the cannibalism display never fails to disgust those who pass it by. Also featuring a lizard man, a contortionist, and a large aquarium filled with fish of all kinds, you’ll start to wonder about the person who put this unusual collection together. If it is odd, chances are you will find it here!

Magical Memories Made Here

After a day spent exploring the oddities of Mr. Marvel’s Wondertorium, coming home to your Spring Brook vacation escape will start the evening out right! Enjoy a sunset glass of wine on the back deck, snuggle up on the couch with your tired and grateful kids, or simply head to bed early to rest up for another adventure-filled day in Wisconsin Dells. Reserve your piece of paradise today!

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