With COVID-19 changing how we spend our vacations in this day and age, you will probably want to find activities that keep you away from other people. By doing this you can keep social distancing in place by staying at least 6 feet away from others while out in public. Luckily there are plenty of incredible things to do near Wisconsin Dells for you to enjoy in isolation during your time in Wisconsin Dells.

Explore the Wisconsin River

One of the namesakes for Wisconsin Dells is the nearby Wisconsin River. This expansive and beautiful river can easily be explored while maintaining isolation from others. Dells Rentals offers all the rental equipment you need to have an incredible time on the river. Pick up a canoe or kayak for the day so you can paddle down the river and enjoy the sights. Many of the incredible sights include the sandstone bluffs or even local wildlife like bald eagles. You can also rent fishing equipment so you can find a nearby watering hole. Either way, the Wisconsin River is a popular spot for activity during most times of the year. Make sure to head out early to avoid any late afternoon crowds.

Grab Take Out from Your Favorite Restaurants

Most restaurants in the Wisconsin Dells understand that it will be difficult to enjoy a meal with them and follow social distancing. Now you can pick up takeout from most restaurants and bring it back to your vacation rental. Popular favorites such as Dells Pizza Lab can be called to place a to-go order. Even restaurants that did not offer takeout before COVID-19 may now offer this convenient service!

Take a Hike

Wisconsin Dells also features many incredible hiking trails, one of the top fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells, that you can explore during any hour of the daylight. Popular trails in the area include Chapel Gorge Trail and Dells Hike which offer lengthy trails without being too difficult for new hikers. Make sure to bring plenty of water with you as some of the trails be several miles in length. Luckily, all the beautiful trees offer plenty of shade coverage that you will be grateful for during the summer.

Get Isolated and Enjoy Things to Do Near Wisconsin Dells!

Being isolated and away from others does not mean you cannot have a great time in Wisconsin Dells. Reserve one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area that will keep you comfortable throughout your stay. Call today and enjoy an exciting vacation filled with fun things to do in Wisconsin Dells!