Out of the all the attractions Wisconsin Dells is famous for, nothing makes a tourist giddy with excitement like horse-drawn carriage tours. It’s not just the children who find the ride invigorating, but adults too, even though they try to contain themselves and act all grown up and stoic. But you can tell that they can’t contain themselves either, as a stout horse and sometimes two draw their carriage around all the historical hotspots of the town. Maybe the trip brings back happy memories from bygone days, or maybe it’s the pace of the carriage, which is different from the harried pace of modern life. Whatever the reason, people do enjoy these Wisconsin Dells tours and the excitement they bring.

Easy Pace and Picturesque

Take your seat on this beautiful wagon and let a team of strong draft horses take you on a tour of picturesque Wisconsin. The weather is fine, and the birds are singing, which means you’re going to enjoy this tour. Watch the sights drift by at a different pace than you’re used to. There’s something about the way the horses pull at the carriage that makes this ride more exciting than a fair ride. And did we mention that the driver is a fountain of information? You can ask them anything about the carriage, the horses, or your surroundings. You’ll get to hear a pleasant anecdote along the way.

The Lost Canyon

The Lost Canyon is well known in Wisconsin for both its length and depth. A horse-drawn carriage tour of the Lost Canyon involves a mile-long ride on gorges with high walls like cliffs. Sometimes the passage gets so narrow, it’s practically a squeeze. And as you go deeper, you pass through areas where the sunlight hasn’t penetrated for over 50,000 years. So get ready for an exotic ride into parts of nature that have been untouched by either development or even the elements themselves.

Peaceful and Classic

Whether you choose Dells tours of the forests or take the more adventurous ride down the Lost Canyon, one thing is for sure: This is one ride you wouldn’t want to miss. Wisconsin Dells is blessed with natural beauty and savoring it at as slow a pace as the one offered by the leisurely horses is the best way to get the whole experience.

Don’t miss out on the horse-drawn carriage Wisconsin Dells tours. Enjoy the scenic routes or go where the sun dare not enter. This is an adventure you want to add to your list of most memorable experiences. Call us for more information and check out our vacation rentals on our website.