Eco tours are perfect for the family and are an interactive way to enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin Dells. When visiting the area, you have several options for tours in Wisconsin Dells that allow you to get a true feel for the natural beauty found here. Keep reading to see a few of our favorite eco Wisconsin Dells tours options!

Ride the River With These Wisconsin Dells Tours

Get up close and personal with the feature that has made Wisconsin Dells what it is today and take a tour of the Wisconsin River. You can ride the Upper Dells (above the Wisconsin Dells Dam) or Lower Dells (below the dam) with Dells Boat Tours. Explore the giant sandstone cliffs and the history of the local Native American tribes and settlers who logged the area while enjoying a gentle river ride.

The Lower Dells covers a much shorter portion of the river. You’ll see the Baby Grand Piano, Hawk’s Bill, and Rocky Islands. On the Upper Dells, you’ll see Chimney Rock, Blackhawk’s Profile and Romance Cliff, and make two shores landings. One of these is the spooky Witches Gulch. Take it up a notch and have a sunset dinner on the boat. Dells Boat Tours does dinners late May through early September. Wisconsin Ducks also has a fun-filled river and lake tours in Wisconsin Dells.

The Ghost Boat does an interactive moonlit tour of Coldwater Canyon. Glide down to the canyon and disembark on foot through the dark canyon as you learn of the tale of the old mining town and Whiskey Jack. This is an interactive horror story, so prepared to be scared.

Go to a Zipline or Aerial Park

Aerial parks are a fun, active way to enjoy the outdoors, and an environment as beautiful as Wisconsin Dells ups the ante. With ziplining, you strap into a harness that glides you down a series of ropes through the forest. You also climb all sorts of obstacles in an aerial park, much like a raised obstacle course. Bring the whole family, because this is great for kids. As you glide through the trees, you feel the wind on your face and get an adrenaline rush. Vertical Illusions, Heightened Adventures Aerial Park, Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Tour and Bigfoot Ziplining all have aerial parks. Warning: If you have a fear of heights, this is not for you.

Trail Ride on a Horse

Saddle up! Trail riding is a great way to enjoy the forests and grasslands around Wisconsin Dells. Canyon Creek Riding Stables can saddle up the whole family. There’s even a petting zoo at the stables for the little ones to enjoy. Adults ride for just $28.50 and children under 5 ride for just $7. You’ll ride to Tombstone, Canyon Creek’s very own western town, before crossing a bridge that leads you to the gorgeous Lost Canyon and a waterfall.

It doesn’t matter what way you choose to enjoy the outdoors, just get outside! Our friendly staff knows the area well and can give plenty of options for fun. And after a long day outside, our homes are where you want to be. Call us today to book your stay in Wisconsin Dells, especially during spring and summer!

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