Are you ready for the finest in family entertainment? Step right up and get your tickets to the Dells Lumberjack Show! More than just a performance, this competitive event will have the whole family cheering for their favorite lumberjack athletes. Every show is a modern day competitive adaptation of old-time workaday lumberjack skills. Get ready for some log-rolling!

A Grueling Contest

Right before your eyes, two teams of professional, world-class lumberjack athletes will compete in 14 different events. Using a variety of equipment from axes to chainsaws, these amazingly strong men will impress you with their skill and strength. You’ll hold your breath during the 50-foot speed climb, hope for a bulls-eye in the axe throw, and laugh when they fall in the water during the canoe joust! Choose your favorite team and cheer them on!

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Got a Budding Lumberjack in the Family?

At our 2:00 pm shows, kids can get right into the action and up on stage with our professional lumberjacks. It’s a fun opportunity to learn how to use a cross-cut saw from the experts, as well as get in some great photos with the strongmen! All shows are family-oriented and full of humor for both kids and adults. After the show, take the opportunity to meet and greet your favorite athletes!

Full of Surprises

While you may come to Dells Lumberjack Show expecting great feats of strength, you’ll be amazed just how many other skills are required to be a world-class lumberjack. Our professional jacks are also masters of speed, agility, and even the arts! Every show includes a chainsaw carving demonstration, where you’ll see that lumberjacks also have an artistic side. Watch a piece of wood come to life right before your eyes! The log roll is another favorite, and you’ll be truly impressed at the incredible balance these athletes demonstrate.

Make Your Reservation Today!

Shows happen rain or shine, but our shaded grandstand will keep you comfortable no matter the weather. Our jacks are tough, and don’t let a little rain stop them from competing at their very best! Dells Lumberjack Show is a fabulous opportunity to create a great family memory, while enjoying the prowess of some truly world-class athletes. These lumberjacks regularly compete in national events, but here at Dells, they’re putting on a show just for you and your family. It’s a one-of-a-kind part of your vacation memories, great for fall and winter trips to the area!

411 State Highway 13
Wisconsin Dells, WI 56965

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