As a cheese plant with a long history behind it and over one hundred cheese products, Carr Valley Cheese Co is definitely one of the landmarks of Wisconsin Dells. Here, tourists can find out everything they needed to know about cheese —from how to choose, handle, and trim cheese to storing and freezing it. A tour of the plant will not only introduce you to the various kinds of cheese, including cow milk, goat milk, and sheep milk cheese, but also the rare blue cheese and the famous cheddars. And you won’t leave emptyhanded either; you can always buy one of their gift boxes for that special friend!

Long History

As a family operated business, Carr Valley Cheese in Wisconsin Dells has been under the management of the Cook Family for more than a century. And when you look around you and see the lush nature and rolling hills, you can’t help but wonder if all this beauty of nature somehow hasn’t helped produce some of the finest milk products in the country. No doubt the cows, goats, and sheep enjoy all this beauty, and it reflects in the quality of the milk they produce. But whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that the cheese and butter that comes out of this plant are popular among cheese lovers everywhere. And the awards they have won are a testimony to that.

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100 Cheese Products

Going through the whole litany of cheese and butter products that the Carr Valley Cheese plant rolls out will take more space than this article has. Suffice it to say that almost every cheese flavor and category you can think of is produced here. From fruit-flavored types like apple smoked cheddar and cranberry chipotle cheddar to cave-aged cheddar and hot pepper jack smoked. And that’s just the cow milk cheese. Goat milk cheese brings us some of the most popular varieties, including black goat truffle and chevre au lait. Who needs European cheese when you have a local plant churning out all those dairy products right at home?

Butter for All Occasions

Speaking of churning, butter is another fine product that is popular both in the kitchen and on the breakfast table. Take your pick between the many flavors. Whether you’re partial to cow butter, goat butter, or sheep butter, your taste buds will be soothed here. Or why not try them all?

Wisconsin Dells has many attractions, but for the foodie in you, nothing beats spending a day learning about the different types of cheese Carr Valley Cheese in Wisconsin Dells makes. For more information about the area or to book your stay in Wisconsin Dells, call Spring Brook today! It’s a great place to visit during the colder months!