One of the many things Wisconsin Dells is known for is its rich natural diversity. Located on the Wisconsin River, the city and its surrounding area is an ecosystem teeming with a variety of birds, animals and flora. One of the many ways to enjoy that rich natural beauty is bird watching.

Why Go Birding in Wisconsin

Birding in Wisconsin offers a relaxing way to appreciate the wild. You can walk along a park path or cut through the trees at a leisurely pace, periodically stop to look through your binoculars and play a game of “I spy.” Bird watching teaches you to stop, look and listen like no other outdoor activity. It’s also a simple, easy activity to do alone or with the family. Grab a thermos of coffee and hit the trails.

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Where to Go to See the Birds of Wisconsin

One highly recommended spot for bird watching is the Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area. This 1,300-acre park is located just north of Wisconsin Dells on either side of the river. Here, northern rough-winged, bank, cliff and barn swallows sing and fly among the hemlock, red oak and pine trees. Rare birds of Wisconsin to spot include the yellow warbler, prothonotary warbler and northern waterthrush. The geology of the area is fascinating, too. Its unusual rock formations and canyons were caused by the emptying of glacial Lake Wisconsin about 12,000 years ago. The best way to see this area is by boat, either with Dells Boat Tours or on a self-guided tour with your own paddleboat!

Located less than a half hour south of Wisconsin Dells is a second great option for bird watching: Pine Island Wildlife Area. This 5,499-acre area features a wealth of different habitats, including wetlands, grasslands, woods, and savannah habitats. Primarily home to Canada geese, turkeys, and the occasional deer or reptile, the Pine Island Wildlife Area was established in 1952. You can visit the Pine Island Wildlife Area just west of Portage, WI.

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