The joys of wine are many, and have been celebrated for millennia. Whether it’s by marking a festive occasion, celebrating a friendship through a gift or a glass, or capping off the day with a lovely drink, wine something that you caneasily add to make anything special—including a vacation! Come visit Baraboo Bluff Winery while you’re in Wisconsin Dells. This charming winery is a great way to experience the area. Home to their own vineyard, Baraboo Bluff is the perfect chance to experience Wisconsin Dells’terroir—the way its own topography, soil, climate, and overall local character give its food and wines a taste completely unique to them.

The Charm of Baraboo Bluff

The family-owned winery started with a simple yet gorgeous vision—the thought of grape vines filling the hillside, creating a view that could be savored by both the eyes and the palate. Fred Quandt sallied forth to turn his dreams into reality, educating himself on everything dealing with wine-making, then teaming up withhis son, wife, and best friend to open the winery at Baraboo Bluff. Visitors applaud the winery for its atmosphere and the quality of its wines. Baraboo offers over 10 different kinds of wines, all of them popular choices. However, the setting is as lovely as the sipping. The winery rests on a hill that’s perfect for resting with a glass and a blanket. With some easy trails nearby, Baraboo Bluff is a great stop for leisure—indeed, what sets them apart is the way that their wine complements the relaxation intrinsic in their location.

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Directions and Hours

Baraboo Bluff Winery is conveniently located only 20 minutes away from Spring Brook. To get there from the resort, head toward Birchwood Road and take that south. Turn left onto Co Road to get to WI-23, which you’ll take southwest to Shady Lane Road. Turn left onto Shady Lane, take your first right onto Mirror Lake Road, then take that until turning right onto Hogsback Road. Turn left to get back on Mirror Lake, then turn right onto Terrytown Road and you’llsoon see the winery on the right. Baraboo Bluff’s summer hours are daily from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. To learn more, call the winery at 608-237-1379.Real Relaxation with Spring BrookWhile you’re having the time of your life in Wisconsin Dells, make sure you’re choosing the best places to relax as well. Spring Brook is the perfect place to stay if you want your living room to be as relaxing as a hillside of flowering grape vines in spring. With golf, trails, and a club house, it’s the perfect mix of activity and calm. Find your ideal vacation rental today, or call 1-800-228-4349 to learn more about our wonderful community. We’ll show you why Wisconsin Dells is celebrated throughout the Midwest!

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