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Vertical Illusions

Vertical Illusions is a tour provider company that offers heart pounding tours of Wisconsin Dells, from kayaking and paddleboarding to rock climbing and ziplining. Read on below for more details on why a tour with Vertical Illusions is an experience worth having during your Wisconsin Dells vacation!

Gravity Defying Tours of Wisconsin Dells

Feel the adrenaline pumping exhilaration as you explore Wisconsin Dells with Vertical Illusions in Wisconsin Dells during your stay in one of our vacation rentals. Whether it’s traversing the waters of Wisconsin Dells by paddleboard, riding the rapids on a kayak, ziplining through the thick forest trees, or climbing the rocky faces of cliffs, you can enjoy a wide range of activities while experiencing the majesty of Wisconsin Dells.

Information on Available Vertical Illusions Tours and Services

Vertical Illusions offers a number of different types of tours. At Chimney Rock Park, which is home to the world’s highest castellated mound, and Devil’s Lake State Park, you can rappel, rock climb, or zipline your way through the park’s cliffs and trees. Packages for ziplining start at $69 per person for 5 or more people, with options for extras such as rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, paddleboarding, extra peaks, slack lining, and private tours. Rock climbing packages begin at $89 per person for 5 or more people with options for large group pricing, rappelling, paddleboarding, kayaking, slacklining, and more.

On Friendship Lake, you and your guests can enjoy serene and scenic paddleboarding, while the Wisconsin River and its Perupper and Upper Dells expose kayakers to pristine sand beaches, wildlife habitats, and striking rock formations. Kayaking tours start at $69 per person for 5 or more people, with rentals, large group discounts, and different locations available. Paddleboard tours are available by reservation only and start at $65 per person. The company also offers wintertime activity tours, including snowshoeing, ziplining, and ice climbing, as well as rentals for snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, and cross-country skiing.

Vertical Illusions in Wisconsin Dells tours are given at 9am, 1pm, and sunset on Monday through Saturday. A 20% deposit is required to reserve your tour, and cancellation is free if given at least 48 hours in advance. Plan on showing up on time, as your deposit is kept if you do not show up within 25 minutes of your tour time.

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