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Redbeard Bow Fishing Tours in Wisconsin Dells

If your idea of a vacation involves a little hunting or fishing action, Redbeard Bow Fishing Tours in Wisconsin Tours is the tour provider for you! For more information on how you can make your Wisconsin Dells vacation that much better with Redbeard Bow Fishing Tours, read on below!

The Ultimate Wisconsin Dells Sports Fishing Expedition

When people think of fishing, they often think of a serene, sedate experience that involves spending time out on a boat or kicking back on the shore, waiting for the fish to bite. However, bow fishing—an extreme form of sport fishing that uses unique bow-and arrow-style fishing gear—brings a renewed excitement to the tradition of fishing and allows visitors to experience an entirely different side of Wisconsin Dells, getting up close and personal with nature.

Redbeard Bow Fishing in Wisconsin Dells offers a range of charters for your needs, whether you want to spend the day or night fishing. The company offer tours of the Wisconsin River’s Upper Dells. It’s a great activity for bachelor parties who want to get outside and get active in Wisconsin Dells!

What to Know Before You Go Redbeard Bow Fishing in Wisconsin Dells

If you’ve never fished with a bow before, don’t worry; Redbeard Bow Fishing Tours in Wisconsin Dells experienced guide, Redbeard, will show you how to use the equipment provided, including the compound bow, the crossbow, and the recurve.

Booking a day charter is an ideal option for visitors who want to soak up the natural beauty of the Upper Dells and who want maximum visibility while fishing. Night charters, however, offer the chance to witness the river come to life. Animals that are normally harder to spot during the day, such as beavers, cranes, and turtles, can be seen, in addition to schools of fish swarming under the powerful lights that Redbeard Bow Fishing Tours employs.

To reserve your charter and learn more about this company’s tour services, call (608) 369-1669 or email redbeardbowfishing@gmail.com. For more information about tours in Wisconsin Dells, simply ask one of our reservation specialists.

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