When trying to find the best property management company, you want to make sure they offer all the right things. Here are five essential items to remember when looking for a property manager.

Top Notch Maintenance Services

You don’t just hire a property manager to handle the books; you hire them to make your place rentable, and that means making sure your home is looking top notch. Find property managers who offer excellent customer service in every aspect, including a wide variety of maintenance services for both the inside and outside of your home. This should include interior cleaning and pest removal, and exterior landscaping and painting. Spring Brook offers all these services.

Local Expertise – Best Property Management

Your property manager should be one of the best property management resources on local culture and recreation. Because whether you’re building a home in a vacation resort or building a property on new land, having local knowledge plays a huge role in marketing your rental. Especially when it comes to vacation homes, visitors want to know what they should do while they stay and where they should eat. They’re going to ask where the best bird watching is or where to get the best ice cream. At Spring Brook, we always have the answers to your vacation questions and even list a huge selection on our website.

Quality Marketing Services

You should feel comfortable knowing that your property manager will market your home in the way it deserves. They should know how to tastefully show the property during tours. They should know how to present it on their website. They should be responding promptly to inquiries and requests for tours. Marketing involves all the nitty gritty details of your home, including ensuring it is photographed and presented in a way that shows off all its assets. Every Spring Brook listing comes with beautiful photos and customized home descriptions.

Hands-On Approach

When you were young and just getting your feet under you, did you live in a dingy apartment complex where you could never get your maintenance requests fulfilled and you didn’t even know your property manager’s direct phone number? The owner of the building was probably living in some other state and the property manager was for lack of a better term, AWOL, too. It felt awful. If you choose a property manager who isn’t hands on with you, they won’t be hands on with your tenants, and that makes for some very dissatisfied people. Choose a property manager who is going to return your calls. We’re that kind of manager.

High ROI

You’re not just renting your home for the sake of it. You’re in this to make money, so you have to be able to calculate your return on investment and feel comfortable that it’s worth the work and time it takes to make renting your home a sustainable side hustle. When taking into account your mortgage costs, rent income and management fees, don’t forget to consider the quality of your management company. All the factors above help determine that quality. It’s not all about price. If your property manager isn’t on the ball or does a poor job of marketing your home, was it worth the higher ROI due to lower fees? Maybe not. Do what feels right for you.