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Top 5 Wildlife Watching Spots

Take a look into the wild side of things when you visit Wisconsin Dells. Specifically, get out and explore the many different wildlife areas that highlight the incredible animals and plant life that call our region home. The area has so many different parks and areas that are open for exploration. You will be amazed at all that Wisconsin Dells has to offer. Here are our top 5 watching spots for wildlife in Wisconsin Dells:

Kettle Moraine State Forest

There are plenty of nature and wildlife areas in Wisconsin Dells that can be explored at your leisure. Our first location on our list is the Kettle Moraine State Forest, located just a short drive away. This state forest is a beautiful sight to behold in the fall season as the giant trees elevate around you. Kettle Moraine State Forest has plenty of wildlife living within its vicinity including wild turkeys. You can see these unique birds and plenty of other wildlife such as deer when you explore one of the many hiking trails.

Devils Lake State Park

For an even closer outdoor area where you are almost guaranteed to see local wildlife, head over to Devils Lake State Park. This nearby lake is home to a variety of trails that will take you in and around the lake for beautiful views. Stay quiet as you explore the trails to increase your chances of running into local wildlife that frequent the area such as deer. There is a variety of bird species that also live in the area and can be seen here at the state park. Make sure to book a canoe or kayak rental so you can explore the water for even more fun during your stay.

Wisconsin River State Natural Area

One of the most popular ways to go wildlife watching is with an activity called birding. Also known as bird watching, birding is a great way to check out the local wildlife in your area when staying in Wisconsin Dells. The Wisconsin River flows through the area, bringing out all kinds of wildlife. The best place in the area to go birding is just north of Wisconsin Dells at the Wisconsin River State Natural Area. Visitors will be able to quietly look out for yellow warblers, northern waterthrushes, and prothonotary warblers. Since you are in a river park, the easiest way to navigate is by boat; a paddleboat is a good choice. You can also book a tour with Dells Boat Tours if you don’t wish to spend the day paddling around on your own. Make sure to keep an eye out for the unique rock formations in the area too!

Timbavati Wildlife Park

There are zoos, and then there is the Timbavati Wildlife Park found right here in Wisconsin Dells. This local wildlife park is the ideal place to see all kinds of exotic wildlife that would not typically be found in the area. Timbavati Wildlife Park features a variety of exhibits that highlight some incredible animals such as zebras, rhinos, tigers, monkeys, and so much more. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits too, such as the kangaroo exhibit and the giraffe feeding area. Live shows are featured throughout the day, showing off trainers working with the animals. You will have never seen a more spacious or clean wildlife park than the one found at Timbavati. Make sure to see this top wildlife watching attraction found only in Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Deer Park

Seeing exotic animals from an exhibit is great, but so is getting to feed live deer from the palm of your hand. We are naturally in awe of the gentleness of deer in the wild, so it is great to see them interact with others with a visit to the Wisconsin Deer Park. This local favorite is a giant 40-acre petting zoo that features a variety of wildlife. Come up close in person incredible critters such as deer, bison, elk, and much more. Your family will remember having a baby deer come right up to your hands as your feed it. The Wisconsin Deer Park truly is a one-of-a-kind wildlife park

Meet the Wildlife in Wisconsin Dells

If you thought Wisconsin Dells was just a city full of water parks, think again. Instead, now you see there are plenty of outdoor areas where you can view all kinds of wildlife that lives in the state. Prepare for your stay by reserving one of our exclusive rental properties with great features.