As a top tier vacation destination, there is a lot that potential visitors already know about Wisconsin Dells. Our city is known as the water park capital of the world and is located right off the Wisconsin River. However, Wisconsin Dells has so much more to offer than water parks and river adventures; it has a variety of under the radar attractions that are often missed by traveling tourists who do not know the area well. Take a look at the top five under the radar Wisconsin Dells attractions:

Redbeard Bowfishing Tours

So many visitors get distracted by the many water parks in the area that they fail to see the other incredible attractions nearby. One of the most exciting ways to see Wisconsin Dells is with a unique activity found nowhere else. That is where Redbeard Bowfishing Tours come in with their exciting boat tours along the Wisconsin River. Instead of your standard hook and reel fishing, you will be trying your hand at netting a trophy-sized fish with a hunting bow—or in this case, a fishing bow! That’s right, they will show you how to use a bow to reel up fish safely. This activity combines the thrill of hunting and fishing into one exciting activity. These tours take you out on the river at night, where you will use floodlights to navigate the river. This allows the river and nearby woods to come alive with local wildlife. This is a great activity to enjoy with family or friends!

Lost Canyon

Another overlooked attraction found just outside of Wisconsin Dells is Lost Canyon. This nearby canyon is best explored with the professionals at Lost Canyon Tours who will take you on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Their tour is completely interactive and unscripted, so you can expect tons of wit and personality to come out of your tour guides. You will learn so much more about this majestic canyon with this exclusive tour found only in Wisconsin Dells. Lost Canyon Tours are typically available April through October of every year.

Port Huron Brewery

Wisconsin Dells is full of family friendly activities with plenty to do for all ages. However, it is highly encouraged that the adults get some time to unwind and enjoy their stay as well. Visiting a local brewery is typically under the radar here in Wisconsin Dells, so make sure to visit Port Huron Brewing Company. This local brewery has been making handcrafted ales since 2011 and continues to offer some of the best beers in all of Wisconsin—which is a tall order! Visit the tap room in the city to try a flight of all their core beers. While the brewery does not offer food, you can always bring food in with you. As you get ready to leave, don’t forget to purchase a six-pack of your favorite ales to have back at your vacation rental!

Fawn Creek Winery

Another great under the radar attraction that the adults will absolutely love can be found over at Fawn Creek Winery. Once again, many of the local purveyors of beer and wine are often overlooked, as Wisconsin Dells is typically a family getaway spot. However, Fawn Creek Winery is the perfect spot to relax outdoors with a wine tasting so you can try a bit of everything. They produce wine using locally grown grapes. Live entertainment offered on the weekends includes live music that is always a blast. Whenever you are feeling hungry, the food offered includes pizza and much more. Families are always welcome at Fawn Creek Winery, so do not feel pressured to leave the kids back at the vacation rental with the grandparents!

Witches Gulch

Another under the radar attraction found in Wisconsin Dells can be found at Witches Gulch. This incredible canyon is only accessible via Dells Boat Tours. This tour company will take you to the Wisconsin River State Natural Area where the canyon is located; it is full of incredible opportunities for pictures! All of the green scenery will surround you as you navigate this narrow canyon from start to finish. There is no point in trying to access Witches Gulch by any other means, as it is located on private property. Don’t miss out on this favorite under the radar attraction found only in Wisconsin Dells!

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