If you picked Wisconsin Dells as your next vacation destination expecting plenty of exciting tourist hot spots, you have picked correctly! Wisconsin Dells is one of the most frequented areas in all of Wisconsin and is a tourist’s dream destination. There are plenty of attractions that will make for an exciting stay no matter how long you are in town. Take a look at the top five Wisconsin Dells tourist attractions:

Wisconsin Deer Park

Have you ever had the chance to approach a deer and pet it? Most of us haven’t, unless you have visited the Wisconsin Deer Park! This local attraction has been a staple of the community for over 50 years now. The park is home to hundreds of white tailed deer who graze through the park. Additional fauna found in the park includes elk, bison, and Japanese sika deer. Guests are encouraged to visit during the early summer months just after many of the deer have given birth; the fawns are typically out grazing with the parents and on display for visitors such as yourself.

Big Foot Zipline

When it comes to a high flying and thrilling adventure, there is nothing more exciting than a zipline course. Wisconsin Dells is home to several different zipline agencies, including Big Foot Zipline. This local attraction features several different zipline courses located high up in the treetops. Each course has you zipping down at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Guests will be given a tour of multiple courses that typically last around two and a half hours in length. In addition to the seven courses you will go through, you will also be able to explore the ropes course and aerial park. These activities include swinging rope bridges along with 80 additional challenges to take on. Don’t miss out on Big Foot Zipline that can also include additional tours into your package when visiting.

Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

You are never too old for a humorous and engaging magic show, especially when you visit the Rick Wilcox Magic Theater in Wisconsin Dells. This local magic theater features a family friendly magic show that is hosted by husband-and-wife duo Rick and Suzan Wilcox. This unique show is updated every year, so repeat visitors can find something new in the show. You can expect a 90-minute show full of grand illusions and live entertainment, all brought on by their comedic timing. The Rick Wilcox Magic Theater can be found downtown and is one of our favorite spots right here in Wisconsin Dells.

Original Wisconsin Ducks Boat Tour

Wisconsin Dells gets its name from the adjacent Wisconsin River that you will be able to explore along with Lake Delton. Visitors are able to explore the river by kayak in certain areas but you are better off with the Original Wisconsin Ducks Boat Tour. This local tourist hot spot provides unique tours of the Wisconsin River on amphibious vehicles that were first designed back in World War II. The Original Wisconsin Ducks Boat Tour has been operating since 1946 with some of the greatest tours in the city. You will never find yourself on an adventure quite like the ones they provide on these historic and unique vehicles up and down the Wisconsin River.

Noah’s Ark Waterpark

When it comes to our top tourist hot spot right here in Wisconsin Dells, it should come as no surprise that Noah’s Ark Waterpark takes the lead. Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world, and Noah’s Ark Waterpark has always been a local favorite and continues to be a hot spot for things water related. This park features thrilling slides that will have you high up in the air. Enjoy lazy rivers where you can sit back and soak up the sun. Wave pools are a fun activity that has you feeling like you are at sea. Noah’s Ark Waterpark is also the country’s biggest waterpark by far, being over 70 acres in size. There is even an onsite arcade area along with a 4D theater. Jump in on the group rides or enjoy a solo ride down the slides. However you spend your time at Noah’s Ark Waterpark, you will be in for a thrilling time.

Get Ready for More Fun in Wisconsin Dells

These top tourist hot spots are one of the many reasons why you need to visit Wisconsin Dells today. Prepare for your stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals right here in the area. Spring Brook offers spacious homes with community amenities such as our onsite pool and restaurant. Book today and see what you are missing out on!