When it comes to finding an incredible view during your vacation getaway, you cannot go wrong with a stay here in Wisconsin Dells. While our travel destination may be best known for its abundance of water parks, it also features many different viewpoints. You can see the surrounding areas and much more when you visit these points located around the Wisconsin River. Take a look at the top five spots for some Wisconsin Dells sightseeing:

Devil’s Lake State Park

When you are out exploring the scenery surrounding Wisconsin Dells, you may find yourself at Devil’s Lake State Park. Do not let the name fool you, as Devil’s Lake State Park is a beautiful state park with a picturesque lake to go with it. Some of the best views in the area can be found here at the lake on one of its many hiking trails. Locals often head over to the East Bluff Vista that will reward hikers with incredible views of the hills and nearby rock formations. For those who do not wish to tough out the terrain, they can try out the much more comfortable Tumbled Rocks Trail. This hiking trail is paved, allowing for strollers to join in on the fun. Either trail will treat you with incredible and gorgeous views of the entire park!

Mirror Lake State Park

Another extremely popular lake that is found nearby is Mirror Lake State Park. As the name suggests, the water of Mirror Lake reflect a mirror image of nearby landscape, creating a breathtaking effect. Mirror Lake State Park is a great spot to snap some cool photos of the family during their stay in Wisconsin Dells. You can enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities too, such as fishing, kayaking, and swimming in this pristine lake. Best of all, it is just three miles away from Wisconsin Dells, making it extremely easy to get to!

Witches Gulch

Take a step off the beaten path for some truly unbelievable views by visiting Witches Gulch. What makes this local attraction unique is that it is not found at one of the nearby state parks. Instead, it is located on private land and can only be accessed with a tour from Dells Boat Tours. After an exciting boat tour that goes into detail about Wisconsin Dells, you will arrive at Witches Gulch, a truly fascinating canyon that was formed by water flow. The canyon makes for incredible photo opportunities as you are surrounded by all of the green nature found at this natural area. Visiting Witches Gulch is an under the radar activity that all visitors should check out during their next visit for gorgeous views found nowhere else!

Stand Rock

Another exciting attraction found near Wisconsin Dells that often flies under the radar and has gorgeous views is Stand Rock. Similar to Witches Gulch, this attraction can only be accessed thru Dells Boat Tours. Stand Rock is one of the stops during the tour and is well worth the effort to reach it. Stand Rock is a unique geological formation that appears as a giant slate rock perched on top of a column. An infamous photo from Wisconsin Dells shows a man jumping from the nearby cliff onto Stand Rock and has since set it on the map. This incredible formation is like no other and is part of what makes Wisconsin Dells so unique. The area also features plenty of exciting hiking trails that will take you further into the reservation land. We highly encourage visiting this local attraction for some of the most unique and gorgeous views in the entire Wisconsin Dells region!

Wisconsin Deer Park

When it comes to gorgeous views, you may not have initially thought of taking pictures while surrounded by deer. At the Wisconsin Deer Park, that is exactly what you will find, as these gentle creatures are used to human visitors and will walk right up to you. You will not find a better view than your child’s face lighting up with joy while feeding a baby fawn. The Wisconsin Deer Park has been a staple of the community for decades now and continues to offer gorgeous views day after day. Don’t miss out on this local favorite when vacationing to the area.

Gorgeous Views and More in Wisconsin Dells

Gorgeous views are not the only thing waiting for you when you vacation in Wisconsin Dells. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to all of the exciting attractions in the area while having access to luxury amenities. Best of all, our rentals also have access to community wide amenities such as an onsite restaurant. Let Spring Brook host your next stay in Wisconsin Dells!