Whenever you are enjoying your well-deserved vacation getaway, you do not need a reason to hit the local mall and see all of the wonderful shops available. This is especially true for those visiting Wisconsin Dells as our city has many unique and local shops found nowhere else. A day out shopping is completely relaxing and also helps support the local community. Take a look at the top five Wisconsin Dells shopping spots:

Dells Mining Co

When you were a child, you probably remember the school field trip day where you got to mine for your own “gold.” There was nothing more exciting than that, so why not let your children get to experience that same feeling? Dells Mining Co. is a unique mineral store found right here in Wisconsin Dells that offers an impressive selection of minerals and gems. Each of these items makes for an incredible gift for someone back home or to purchase for yourself. While it is fun browsing the shop to see their selection of gems, it is even more fun to mine for your own gemstones. Dells Mining Co has a gem mining area of the store where kids can go hunting for their own unique gemstone. Dells Mining Co also allows you to create your own custom gemstone for something one of a kind. Dells Mining Co is a great local shop that is perfect for all ages.

Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge

Vacation is also a time to let your sweet tooth out of hiding and enjoy some tasty treats. Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge is the best candy shop in town that has all kinds of treats for you to choose from. As the name suggests, you can purchase freshly baked fudge that is the best in the city. Additional candy offerings are also available, letting even the pickiest eaters find something worth digging into. If you want to try some of the best fudge in the country, make sure to stop by Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge.

DooHickey’s Souvenirs and Gifts

Not all of the shopping we do on vacation is for ourselves. Sometimes we like to purchase something for a loved one back home who was not able to make the trip. Other times you would like to purchase something for your home to remind you of the incredible time in Wisconsin Dells. Regardless of your reason, you will find something that will perfectly represent Wisconsin Dells at DooHickey’s Souvenirs and Gifts. This local gift shop has a selection of unique gifts often that are handmade. You can choose from incredible artwork, custom made statues, small décor items, and much more. Wisconsin Dells has plenty of gift shops from which to choose, but DooHickey’s Souvenirs and Gifts stands tall among the rest.

Dells House of Jerky

Another truly unique shop that can only be found in Wisconsin Dells is Dells House of Jerky. You might be thinking, “Can there really be a shop dedicated to beef jerky?” The answer is an astounding yes! Dells House of Jerky offers up a huge selection of fresh jerky made right here in the state. There is nothing better for a quick snack than tasty jerky. This selection is not the variety you will find at your local grocery that is covered in artificial ingredients; instead, you will be choosing from authentic beef jerky. Dells House of Jerky also provides a great selection of snacks and candy so everyone in your group can find something to munch on. If you need a quick snack for an upcoming hike, look no further than Dells House of Jerky.

Hand Blown Glass

If you are looking for something truly original to take back home with you from Wisconsin Dells, make sure you stop in Hand Blown Glass. This local shop focuses on everything glassware that is hand blown and made right here in the studio. Guests may even see the owners creating a new work of art whenever they stop in to browse. In addition to a variety of hand-blown glass, you can also find a variety of gifts and décor items. Hand Blown Glass is one of our favorite local shops found only in Wisconsin Dells; make sure you put this shop on your itinerary!

More Shopping and Fun in Wisconsin Dells

As you can see, Wisconsin Dells does not hold back when it comes to unique local shops in the area. These shops are all a short distance away from our vacation rentals. Simply book a stay with Spring Brook so you can be close to all of the local attractions while having access to luxury amenities.