A Wisconsin Dells vacation is filled with things to do! Between the resorts, golf, outdoor activities, family fun, and the scenery, Wisconsin Dells seems to have got it all. The Dells themselves are a wonder of nature. The 30-mile long stretch of soft sandstone has been carved into magnificent canyons that will take your breath away. But with so many things to see and do in this vacation paradise, the question on everyone’s mind is, “How do I get around?” Do you need to bring your car, rent a car, or rely on cabs? Aside from the logistics problems and the costs, you can’t help but wonder if any of those options would allow you to enjoy all the attractions this Midwest destination has to offer. Luckily there are many transportations that will take you just about anywhere you want to go for your Wisconsin Dells trip.

Metro Transit

There are a couple of transportation services that Wisconsin Dells has for your Wisconsin Dells Vacation such as Amtrak and Greyhound. Both Amtrak and the Greyhound bus make a stop in Wisconsin Dells, so that’s a couple ways to get to town. You can also fly in if you prefer. But any way you arrive, there are three ways to move around town here: the bus, a cab, or on foot. The Metro Transit is cheap and covers most of the town.

The other good news is many of the attractions are within a short distance of each other, so even a leisurely stroll will get you to many places of interest. Of course, it all depends on the time of year you come here. Between late spring and fall, walking is encouraged, and the weather is enjoyable. Nature is in full bloom and a walk outside is a pleasure in and of itself in your Wisconsin Dells trip During the winter you might prefer transportation other than your own feet.

Double-Decker Boats in your Wisconsin Dells Vacation

There’s another delightful transportation that will help you explore the natural beauty of the Dells: double-decker tour boats! There’s no better way to take it all in than from the top of those touristy boats. If you like something faster, DUCK amphibious vehicles and high-speed jet boats will give you the thrill and speed you desire.

On Foot

If you don’t like to drive and would rather explore the city on foot, here’s a little tip that will give you the whole Wisconsin Dells experience in one short stroll. As soon as you get off the train, head to Showboat Salon across the street from the train depot. Enjoy a keg of craft beer here before making your way to Monk’s to grab a burger. Now filled, you can do some shopping on Broadway. From there it’s a short walk to the HH Bennett Museum. End your day with a thrill ride at Timber Falls, which is at the end of Broadway.

Now that you know how to get around Wisconsin Dells, the next thing is to find a place to stay. Call us to book your vacation home and enjoy your visit in luxury and comfort!