Are you planning on having a Wisconsin Dells getaway? That’s great! This family destination has it all with its amazing waterparks, it’s mighty river, and scenic lakes. But some planning is really needed here if you want to enjoy every last hour of your vacation. Things such as where to go, when to go, and what special events are available at this time of year are crucial questions, but they will help your vacation go smoothly without a hitch. Especially with your family with you, it wouldn’t be convenient to find yourself with hungry kids not knowing where to go or what to eat. Doing your homework in advance will make things easier once you arrive at this sublime Midwestern town.

Timing is Everything in your Wisconsin Dells Getaway

Perhaps the most important decision you make is when to start your Wisconsin Dells getaway. If you start early before the season, you’ll miss out on most of the attractions. And if you go late, all the special events, concerts, and carnivals are over. Between the attractions, waterparks, colorful festivals, and mouth-watering local cuisine, it’s always better to have your vacation from late spring till fall. The peak season is in the middle of summer, but the fall months have their own attractions, from craft beer tours and wine tasting events to live music and carnivals. Your plan should check the dates of the events you want to attend and how to best get there.

Moving Around

While flying in is by far the most popular means of transportation, both Amtrak and Greyhound make a stop in downtown Wisconsin Dells. Shuttles and cabs are your best way to get to all the best tourist spots in town. You can also rent a car which is more convenient, especially if you know where you want to go. Again, the time of year decides which car suits your needs best. In winter, a 4-wheel drive car is the best way to navigate snow and ice-covered roads. you can also just stick to the free shuttles.

Winter Trips

Despite the fact that summer is the peak season for tourism in the area, some people still prefer to visit Wisconsin Dells during the winter months. The rates go down considerably and there are fewer crowds. Cross-country ski trails open for business and snowmobiling gets in full swing. Indoors activities are always abundant, and you won’t spend one boring moment of your Wisconsin Dells getaway enjoying all the fine dining and entertainment that this quaint Midwestern town has to offer.

If you’re thinking about having a Wisconsin Dells getaway, good planning is crucial. Or you can just ask our friendly staff to suggest the best spots in town for you! Call us today to plan your next vacation.