If you’re looking for a cheaper vacation home for yourself or to build and rent out for a little extra cash, you might consider a tiny house in Wisconsin.

What are Micro Homes?

Micro homes, also known as tiny homes, can range in sizes between 60 and 400 square feet. Most are about 200 square feet, the size of a college dorm room, and have one bedroom and one bathroom. Large tiny homes are becoming more popular, and some have up to three bedrooms. Micro homes have the features of a regular home, including refrigerators, stoves and ovens, washing machines, toilets and showers. All appliances are specially made to accommodate for the downsizing, which can sometimes make it harder to repair them.

You can choose a foundation for your tiny house in Wisconsin if you want the home to stay in one place, or you can put the home on wheels if you think you’ll eventually want to move it.

While 200 square feet may sound small for long-term living, it can make a great option for a vacation home. And just like any vacation home, it can make extra money for its owner when they’re not using it. For example, one cabin-style tiny home in Wisconsin Dells rents for $115 per night.

How to Buy a Tiny House in Wisconsin

There are micro home plans online that you can purchase if you don’t want to design it yourself. From there, you can either build the home yourself or select a contractor.

Many homeowners choose to buy prebuilt tiny houses for sale in Wisconsin. There is a huge range in prices depending on how much space you want and the features you’re looking for inside. Around Wisconsin Dells, prices range from anywhere from a $5,000 91-square-foot home to a $144,000 438-square-foot waterfront cottage.

Why You Should Choose Spring Brook Construction

You can make building easier on yourself by hiring a general contractor or construction company like Spring Brook Construction.

There are many benefits to hiring out for a general contractor. You don’t have to muddle through local zoning and easement regulations, and you don’t have to coordinate other contractors and negotiate pay. Essentially, the process is much more hands off.