Planning a Trip to Wisconsin Dells on a Budget | Wisconsin Dells Tourism

Enjoying Wisconsin Dells Tourism on a Budget

Contrary to popular belief, a vacation in Wisconsin Dells won’t necessarily break the bank or require you to save up all year for it. Yes, there are swanky places in Wisconsin Dells that are quite expensive, but there are places on the spectrum which are cheap and others that will cost you next to nothing. It’s all about planning ahead and sticking to your plans. To help you make a trip to Wisconsin Dells on a budget, here is some stuff to do in Wisconsin Dells that won’t break the bank.


Besides accommodations, attractions usually require you set aside a large portion of your budget. But not if you avoid the big resorts and keep an eye for discounts and promotions announced online through Wisconsin Dells tourism. Packages are also offered regularly, and you’re more likely to get a good package if you plan your vacation away from the peak seasons. Some local attractions such as Dells Boat Tours, Original Wisconsin Ducks, and Jet Boat Adventures among others offer promotions and discounts on a regular basis. Other businesses offer discounted services for related attractions on their websites. Also, booking online is usually cheaper.

The Outdoors

Wisconsin Dells is known mostly for the Wisconsin River and its water parks, which can be expensive to enjoy to the fullest. Hiking is a popular activity that won’t cost you much, since many trails are free. You can also enjoy kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and many other sports at Mirror Lake State Park for a small daily fee. To rent sports equipment, try Dells Watersports. They offer great discounts. Many local businesses cut down their rates to attract customers. Knowing which ones offer the best deals (through their websites) will save you a ton of money.


Like every other tourist destination, Wisconsin Dells has its fair share of expensive restaurants and cheap diners and cafes. Upscale food outlets, especially inside resorts, are normally quite expensive. And while you can pack your own food if you really want to cut down your expenses to the bare minimum, that might not be needed. Many cafes and diners offer meals and snacks much cheaper than their counterparts near the attractions. A little research will tell you which diners are frequented by the locals. These are the ones that won’t charge the same as the “touristy” ones.

Whatever your budget, you can still enjoy Wisconsin Dells and get the most out of your vacation at a fraction of the cost. For more information about other less pricey attractions and stuff to do in Wisconsin Dells, call us today and book your stay!