The number of Wisconsin Dells happenings and festivals in a tourist destination goes hand in hand with how popular that place is among visitors. Judging by that criterion alone and considering how many festivals and events are celebrated around here (a lot really), Wisconsin Dells is a very vibrant place. The calendar here is always packed with events that would suit anyone’s fancy. This is something that is happening all year round—every season and every month—so it’s really hard to miss out on the fun while you’re here.


This is one special event that would send a tingle of excitement down every auto lover’s back. It takes place during the month of May, when car lovers gather around and start talking about muscle cars, trailer queen, pony cars, antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars, land yachts, drophead, and lead sled. And that’s just the talk. The cars themselves start lining up in the car park of Noah’s Ark Waterpark and exceed 1200 cars in total. Food and music fill the air with fun and merriment, but people mostly go there to admire the cars.

Wisconsin Dells Happenings: Dells Rare Barrel Affair

If drinking and fun are synonymous in your book and you’re wondering what to do in Wisconsin Dells, you’ll undoubtedly be the first in line for this one event. It’s the place where all the brewers in Wisconsin Dells get together, bust out their most treasured barrels, and give the thirsty public a taste of their products. It also takes place in May, and it’s a tradition that goes back decades. And since tradition has survived for a good reason, everyone loves to keep the tradition of drinking the finest that Wisconsin Dells has brewed the previous year. Craft beer features prominently in this festival, which is another reason for the popularity of the event.

Wisconsin Dells Waterslide-athon

When you know that Wisconsin Dells is the water parks capital of the world and has the largest outdoor water park in the country, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear about the Waterslide-athon. But this is more than an event for everyone to have fun in the water; it also supports a good cause. The sponsors of this event donate to charities that get picked every year by the organizers. You’ll be enjoying yourself while helping people in need at the same time.

These are some of the events that Wisconsin Dells holds all year round. For more Wisconsin Dells happenings, get in touch with us today and let our experts help you plan your vacation and to book one of our vacation rentals!