Anglers have the tendency to be drawn toward bodies of water. Their dream vacation is one where a huge river or even an ocean roar nearby. And since Wisconsin Dells has the mighty Wisconsin River, it’s a natural destination for anglers. As an angler, you won’t be disappointed. Wisconsin Dells fishing charters and tours are available all year round and the waterways are abundant with walleye, sauger, pike, muskie, smallmouth bass and white striper bass, among others. As a tourist, you’ll need to obtain a license, which costs $15 a person for four days or $40 for the whole family.

Fishing Spots

Wisconsin Dells is blessed with many waterways, and an angler will have many places to choose from for Wisconsin Dells fishing. Lake Delton is a sprawling 254-acre lake with an average depth of 16 feet. Here you can hook northern pike, walleye, bass, and pdanfish. The upper and lower parts of the Wisconsin River are also a great place to cast a line. The types of fish you can find there include sturgeon, musky, bass, northern pike, panfish, and walleye. Both sturgeon and musky are regulated species, but the rest are open all year round. Public boat landing is available for both Lake Delton and the Wisconsin River. It costs about $8 a day from any of the boat launches on the river, while Lake Denton is always free.

Wisconsin Dells Fishing Guides

Not all fishing is done with a rod. You can try new ways of fishing which require a different type of skill. One of those new ways which is gaining popularity is bow fishing. You still get in the water and wait patiently, but instead of waiting for the fish to take the bait, you nail it with an arrow. There are two ways to do this: either with a regular bow or with a crossbow. Crossbows are more effective, accurate, and don’t need much experience. Some of the local Wisconsin Dells fishing guides offering this type of fishing, such as Redbeard Bowfishing Tours, have day tours and night tours. Surprisingly, night fishing is more productive. The bright lights work as a magnet that draw the fish near the boat and within range for you to pick your target, aim, and release the arrow. There’s no catch and release here, but for many, it is more exciting.

Both the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton make for great spots for an angler looking to enjoy their vacation in Wisconsin Dells. To get more help planning your Wisconsin Dells fishing journey and to book one of our rentals, give us a call today.