Wisconsin Dells may be best known for its abundance of water parks, but it also features plenty of incredible wildlife attractions to check out. Take a step out into nature with a nature and wildlife journey to Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin Deer Park

One of the most popular attractions with children here in the city is Wisconsin Deer Park. This unique park allows deer roam free on 40 acres without fences on the property. Visitors are allowed to approach and pet these incredibly gentle animals. Additional wildlife in the park includes elk and bison, among others. Make sure to buy crackers to feed the animals at Wisconsin Deer Park, as it will encourage the deer to become as friendly as possibly create a cute photo op! You can find the Wisconsin Deer Park at 2183 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.

Timbavati Wildlife Park

If you are looking for a wildlife attraction that more closely resembles a zoo, make sure to check out the Timbavati Wildlife Park. This exciting attraction features all kinds of exotic critters such as giraffes, tigers, monkeys, and much more. Exhibits and interactive activities let you learn all about these wonderful animals. Check out the Timbavati Wildlife Park found at 2220 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.

Dells of the Wisconsin River

You can visit the namesake of Wisconsin Dells when you visit the Dells of the Wisconsin River. This 5-mile gorge features incredible Cambrian sandstone formations along with sprawling canyons to explore. The river itself features a variety of activities to enjoy such as fishing and boating. Take a boat charter that can show you several miles of this majestic beauty. You will want to make sure you bring your camera as the sights are simply incredible here at the Dells of the Wisconsin River. If you want to explore the Dells on your own, simply pick up a kayak rental from in town. Local purveyors include Wis River Kayak Rentals and Dells Watersports who make it easy to show up and pick up one of these small boats. Most of the shoreline can be explored on your own, making for an exciting activity.

Mirror Lake State Park

You will find some of the clearest water you have ever seen when visiting Mirror Lake State Park. The name comes from the reflection the water makes, creating a perfect mirror image. Make sure to explore the reservoir and sandstone canyons found nearby too! Popular activities to do at Mirror Lake State Park include kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. Similar to kayak rentals, you can find all the fishing equipment you need from local shops. Mirror Lake State Park is also a great place to go bird watching. Dozens of unique breeds live nearby this lake, making for the perfect bird watching locale.

Devil’s Lake State Park

Another incredible state park found nearby the Wisconsin Dells is Devil’s Lake State Park. While this lake does not have the mirror image reflection in the water, it has plenty else to offer. Devil’s Lake State Park is situated on 9,000 acres of beautiful, forested area. Visitors come to enjoy the winding hiking trails found surrounding the lake. Much of the hiking terrain can be found on rocky exterior that is perfect for rock climbing. Boat rental shops are on hand allowing you to rent a boat so you can explore the lake at your leisure. During the summer, the lake is known to host a variety of family activities at the Devil’s Lake Nature Center where you can learn about local critters and more. A visit to this state park can easily provide a full day worth of activities!

Fishing Around Wisconsin Dells

Enjoy a true connection to nature by visiting all of the local fishing holes here in Wisconsin Dells. Our home is full of all kinds of trophy-sized fish to reel up. One of the most popular spots to hit up is Lake Delton. Here you can fish from May through March 1st of every year. The kinds of fish you can find here include northern pike, bass, walleye, and panfish. Lake Delton is 254 acres in size, so you will find plenty of spots from which to fish. Along the Wisconsin River you can find all kinds of spots you can fish from just off the shore. Even more varieties of fish can be found here including musky, sturgeon, and the varieties found in Lake Delton. Keep in mind that fishing licenses are needed when you visit and can be found at local bait shops.

Get Outdoors with Us in Wisconsin Dells

These attractions and more await you here for when you plan your nature and wildlife journey to Wisconsin Dells. Our vacation rentals will give you premier access to luxury amenities such as our onsite golf course and restaurant. Call us today to plan your vacation!