Planning a Luxury Journey to Wisconsin Dells | Wis Dells Attractions

Luxury Journey to Wisconsin Dells – Wis Dells Attractions

When you’re planning a swanky vacation, Wisconsin Dells is a natural destination for a luxurious getaway. Not only do you get highly-rated Wis Dells attractions and top-notch resorts, the scenic views are truly breathtaking. And while it’s easy to visit all the expensive places in town and hope that they live up to their name and price tag, a better way to plan your vacation is to build a list of options around categories, rather than places. Here are a few ideas to help you come up with a sound plan.

Fine Dining

When you think about a luxurious vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is fine dining. It’s true you may have great restaurants back home, but fine dining on vacation always tastes and feels different. Better, refined, more sumptuous. Call it what you want, but the truth is we tend to enjoy a decadent meal more on a vacation than on any other time. Some of the recommended Wisconsin Dells bars and restaurants here that offer a great dining experience include Copper Oak Steak House, Del-Bar, Field’s At The Wilderness, House Of Embers, and Ishnala Supper Club. Each offers a unique culinary experience that combines chef-prepared cuisines with tasteful amenities and a welcoming atmosphere.


Without shopping, your vacation won’t feel complete. How else will you remember the good times and all the great attractions you enjoyed here? Besides, your friends and coworkers back home all expect a gift or two from Wisconsin Dells. Shopping here is as enjoyable as it is varied and diverse. Visit the art galleries and antique shops to buy a beautiful piece of art or an antique to decorate your home. Clothes shops carry the most popular apparel designer brands. You can easily spend a day visiting the shops in downtown Wisconsin Dells getting everything you need along with a few things you didn’t think you wanted.

Things to Do

Golfing comes at the top of the list of the luxurious activities in Wisconsin Dells. Some of the golf courses in the town include Cold Water Canyon Golf Course with its gorgeous 18-hole course and scenic canyons, Trapper Turn, designed by Andy North, and you can also tee off on our very own Spring Brook Golf course!

Theaters and live entertainment are quite popular in town. You’ll find plenty of music festivals, ski stunts, magic performances, and famous entertainers performing regularly and keeping your evenings entertaining and full of fun.

Your luxury journey to Wisconsin Dells starts with a luxury vacation rental. Call us today to learn about our fine selections of luxurious resort rentals and the many Wis Dells attractions you can enjoy!