When you travel to Wisconsin Dells, you undergo one of the ultimate vacation destinations for the whole family, Wisconsin Dells has plenty of attractions both outdoors and indoors. But since this Midwestern paradise offers a different experience depending on the time of year, you should really plan ahead and get to know a bit more about the place before you make your reservations. There are so many amusements, attractions, special events, and carnivals to enjoy, but timing is of the essence. For one thing, the most active months are between May and September of every year. That’s when the weather is pleasant enough to take part in all the outdoors activities from hiking and biking to fishing, zip lining, paragliding, boating, kayaking, and golfing.

What Not to Miss when you Travel to Wisconsin Dells

Having a lot of options when you travel to Wisconsin Dells can distract you from the most important attraction of all: the dells. These massive soft sandstone formations in the Wisconsin River stretch for up to 30 miles. They are simply gorgeous and a must-see during your visit. So make sure to go on a guided tour down the river and get up close and personal with these canyons. You’ll learn how the river was used for logging long before people settled at these parts. This is why the locals have such a strong relationship with the land and the river. It simply defines who they are today.

Local Culture and Customs 

When you travel to Wisconsin Dells, you might notice that the people around here are laid back and relaxed. They are super friendly, and you can walk up to them and ask them about directions and they’ll leave whatever they’re doing and help you any way they can. You can dress comfortably for your sports and outdoors activities, although formal dress is required at certain restaurants and evening outlets. You can also tip at restaurants, cabs, and other commercial places even though it’s not a must. But since you’re getting a good service and the people are nice, a tip is a good way to show your appreciation.


Since this is a Midwestern town of 6000 people strong, the local cuisine will definitely be dominated by burgers, steaks, and fish. It’s the traditional American cuisine that would make the late Anthony Bourdain go gaga over—especially the Wisconsin cheese; that’s something you don’t want to miss, either. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find restaurants serving vegan or Italian food. This is, after all, a tourist destination, and business is brisk, so enjoy the different types of food there.

When you travel to Wisconsin Dells, planning ahead will help you get the most out of your vacation. Call us for more information and more insider tips about this fascinating destination and book your vacation rental today!