With over 70 years in the industry, Dells Army Ducks are one of the most unique ways to experience the Lower Dells and Lake Delton! Formed millions of years ago by glacial activity, these waters have been shaped a picturesque landscape of gorges, caves, and islands for your sightseeing pleasure!

What is a Duck Boat?

One of the things that make Dells Army Ducks one of the best way to explore the Lower Dells is the modus operandi, the titular duck boats! Duck boats are amphibious vehicles that, much like the waterfowl from which they take their name, can gracefully slide between land and water, making it perfect for exploring the rivers of Wisconsin. These duck boats in particular are something special, as they are original World War II-era duck boats that are still in use to this day! So not only do you get to tour the scenic Dells, you get to do so riding a piece of history.

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What to Expect on the Tour

Dells Army Duck Tours take about an hour from start to finish, departing every 15-20 minutes daily. Each of the Army Duck Tours follow the same route through lake Delton and the Lower Dells and operate from mid-March through mid-November, rain or shine as long as weather is permitting. All of the duck-boats are open air, so make sure to dress accordingly for the tour!

Service animals and small dogs are allowed on the duck tours, but please leave your larger four-legged friends at home and make sure you let the know you’re bringing a pet along—that way they can save you an extra seat!

Tickets can be purchased online or by calling Dells Army Duck Tours; visit the ticket booth upon your arrival and your tickets will be printed at the ticket booth. The boats leave when they are full, so if you’re visiting in the pre- and post-seasons, you’ll find that our boats will be launching between 30-45 minutes as opposed to the quicker 10- to 30-minute launch period during the busy season of Memorial Day to Labor Day.

More Adventures to Be Had Along the Wisconsin Dells

For more information on Dells Army Duck Tours and to buy tickets, be sure to call them at (608) 254-6080. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the other adventures they have in store. From a high-speed jetboat ride to the famous Bigfoot Zipline, there something for all tastes at Dells Ducks!

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