Search “Home vs. Hotel” online and the results are less than surprising.  Vacation homes are bigger. Full kitchen, separate bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms perhaps with a deck and yard versus two queen beds, maybe a mini fridge, and a bathroom in a box slightly larger than an office cubicle. Not much thinking to do there. Homes are more cost effective. Enjoy a light breakfast in your private kitchen. Spend the day grilling out, playing board games, or watching the big game in the living room. Or maybe you prefer waking up to the sounds of early morning hallway stampedes and repeatedly reaching into your wallet for food and fun.  How much does it cost each time you leave the hotel room? $50? $100? Another simple choice. Vacation homes offer flexibility. Girls’ weekend getaways, family reunions, group outings, corporate or even couple’s retreats can all be accommodated under one roof. On the contrary, coordinating sleeping arrangements, extra rooms or meeting spaces at hotels can lead to additional stress and expense. More money AND stress? No, thanks!

Beyond the obvious though are the intangibles that renting a home provide. Vacation homes allow you to spend the day according to your own timetable. Instead of wasting precious vacation hours commuting to and from costly meals and even more expensive entertainment options, spend a casual afternoon eating lunch on a spacious deck. The kids and maybe even the family pet can run the yard while the grill sizzles. And midnight snacks? No tip-toeing around coworkers or party mates down to the vending machine is necessary.

Vacations are always something to look forward to. Webster’s defines them as “a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel”. However, when planning your next trip, consider the pros and cons of having a fully furnished home to truly relax in or a hotel room continually eating away at your budget. In most cases you’ll have more space, privacy and money in your pocket when you choose the rental. Being away from your home’s comfortable surroundings is stressful enough. By avoiding the “Shoebox Inn” you’ll be able to create lasting memories of a truly relaxing experience with your loved ones because of, rather than in spite of, your accommodations.