Waking up to a headache the size of Texas from a night with good friends and too many good drinks, I wondered why I do this to myself. I promised myself, never again! And then it hits me, Bloody Mary! The one drink that has saved so many mornings it has it’s own days of celebration all over the country. The Bloody Mary is a mix of spicy tomato juice, vodka and various traditional garnishes. Over the years it has evolved from a simple tomato and vodka concoction with a few green olives and a wilted celery stick served up by a bartender with little care of how it looks, to an all- out culinary assault on the classic drink. The one we have created here at Spring Brook is no different. From the beginning the thought was to tie in a few of the things we do well. So naturally we had to have two of our locally raised ground beef patties on the list, stuffing them between toasted garlic bread and topping them with fresh cut lettuce, tomato and onion to make the perfect slider-style sandwich. Then we added a four pack of our award-winning smoked chicken wings tossed in a tangy buffalo sauce. A few of the more traditional toppings fill it out, two kinds of olives, pickled Brussels sprouts, pickled mushrooms, Genoa sausage, fresh Wisconsin cheese curds, our own spicy pickles and a beef stick. But wait, there’s more, we threw on a pickled egg and topped the whole thing off with a handful of haystack onions. And yes, there is a Bloody Mary in there somewhere too with a couple of beer chasers.

This Monster, if you can call it that, will cure what ails ya. A Bloody Mary in Springbrook is unlike any other, I promise.

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