Spring vacations are a classic past time, where you just pack up the car and head off—a little break before the reprieve of summer, to keep you energized through to the kid’s summer breaks, or even your next summer vacation! When you’re thinking of taking a spring road trip and looking for the best places to visit in the Midwest, a great destination to add to the list is Wisconsin Dells! Full of outdoor recreation, natural beauty, and family-friendly fun, the entertainment never stops in our town, and the springtime is also a perfect time to kick back and relax between crisp morning hikes and visiting the most popular indoor amusement park. Another bonus is that there’s lots of places you can stop along the way, making it the ultimate road trip to keep you going until your next one! If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Wisconsin Dells, read on below for our friendly points and suggestions!

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An Iconic Midwest Roat Trip

The best part about traveling to Wisconsin Dells is that you’re likely to be able to add in some exciting stops along the way, depending on where you’re coming from! Even if you’re starting in-state, there’s still stops from every direction—Milwaukee, Green Bay, Amnicon Falls State Park, Natural Bridge State Park, and more! Those heading over from out of state might appreciate stops such as Lake Superior or Minneapolis from the northeast, or Chicago from the south. If you’re driving from even further out, such as the south, or east coast, you could add in stops like St. Louis to see the famous arch, or Nashville for some famous BBQ and music history. If you’ve always wanted to see all five Great Lakes, it’s also a worthwhile add-on to your Wisconsin Dells road trip—you could even plan to add in parts of Canada if you wished. In short, our centrally located town is easily accessible from a good part of the country, and you’ll have lots to see on the journey!

Get Ready for Your Wisconsin Dells Road Trip

Before you head out on the trip of a lifetime, it’s a wise idea to check out your car and make sure it’s in top shape, as there’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of a highway—so do those oil changes, tire air checks, and anything else you need to do before leaving! Parents with kids probably already know it’s a good idea to download a few movies for the ride, and another tip can be to let them pack their own activity bag, as it will give them some autonomy for the trip and it’s something you don’t have to worry about while you’re getting ready—although the little ones might need some guidance. Of course, for some old-fashioned family fun, you can always play those classic road trip games like Twenty Questions, the Alphabet Game, License Plate Bingo, I Spy, and even a road trip scavenger hunt. Downloading some kid-centric playlists from your favorite music streaming service is always a good idea too, as well as saving your maps area offline in case you need it and you’re in an area with low service!

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Explore Wisconsin Dells and Beyond

Once you’ve arrived in Wisconsin Dells, you’ll find your car gives you the freedom to do so much more, from visiting multiple indoor waterparks to seeing every nearby state park. Popular choices include Mt. Olympus, which throws a beer festival in mid-April for the adults on the vacation! A terrific family activity is the Wisconsin Deer Park, which also opens mid-April and offers interactions with tame deer who enjoy 28 acres of woodland and pets and food from their human visitors. Downtown Wisconsin Dells offers souvenir shops, places to eat, and entertainment such as The Palace Theater, where you can take in a musical with dinner. Adults who enjoy wineries will love making the drive to places like Wollersheim Winery or Fawn Creek Winery, while late spring is a great time to take a boat ride down the Wisconsin River before the humid heat of summer arrives. Basically, you cannot go wrong taking a spring road trip to Wisconsin Dells, whether it’s with family or friends!

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