When you’re traveling to Wisconsin Dells and you have a disability, or are with a person with a disability, one of your most pressing concerns has to be whether resorts, attractions, and outlets in town are accessible or not and finding the right places to stay in the Dells. Another question is whether there are activities for all visitors regardless of their level of mobility. Because let’s face it, it’s not fun watching other people enjoying themselves while you or a loved one can’t take part because of a certain disability. Well, the good news is that Wisconsin Dells had people with disabilities in mind when designing almost every attraction and tourist spot, from getting access to resorts, restaurants, and parks. Plus, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to keep you busy and entertained during your vacation. Here is a Wisconsin Dells trip planner:

Assist WI

When looking for places to stay in the Dells, you’re covered for the most part because of “Assist WI”. Wisconsin Dells is so committed to turning this Midwestern vacation destination into an accessible place for all visitors that a local resident has established Assist WI. Its aim is to make attractions such as water parks available for people with special needs to enjoy. Whether you like a waterslide, prefer the thrill of a roller coaster, or fancy a boat ride on the lake, the people behind this program work hard to make these activities and more within reach for everybody, whether they have special needs or not. In most places, you’ll find them ready to offer help and assistance to all those who need it.

Summer Outdoors Sports

Sports is also part of this Wisconsin Dells trip planner, and certain sports are naturally available to all people whether they use wheelchairs or have special needs or not. One of these outdoor sports includes shore fishing. Piers and platforms have been adapted to make them more accessible to wheelchairs. Local groups such as Fishing Has No Boundaries, Challenge the Outdoors, and The North American Squirrel Association offer enhanced fishing experiences for people with disabilities, including adaptive shore fishing.

Where to Have Fun in Wisconsin Dells

As mentioned, Wisconsin Dells designed many of its local attractions in the area around those who have disabilities. There is no shortage of exciting activities to keep you busy throughout your trip. Wisconsin Dells has a plethora of museums and attractions that provide your family with an educational experience alongside the fun. The Mid-Continent Railway Museum is an outdoor venue and operating railroad. Take your family on an exciting train ride through the beautiful Dells. The Riverside & Great Northern Railway is another incredible railroad attraction where you can have a relaxing picnic at the park. If railroads are not your point of interest, you can enjoy a Dells Boat Tour, a favorite among locals and visitors alike. These leisurely boat rides take you down the Wisconsin River and offer sights of the beautiful shoreline from the water.

Wisconsin Dells is known for the plentiful water parks that are found in the area. We have multiple indoor and outdoor water parks that feature exciting activities and rides for all ages to enjoy. Many of these water parks feature attractions with wheelchair access. Wave pools and lazy rivers offer a low thrill experience that individuals of any age will absolutely enjoy. Best of all, the indoor water parks let you enjoy the fun even during the cold winter season!

Where to Eat in the Dells

With so much to do in Wisconsin Dells, you will need several restaurants to help keep your family fueled up for another adventure-filled day. Most restaurants in the area have disability access with ramped entrances and proper seating arrangements. Famous Dave’s BBQ found in downtown Wisconsin Dells serves up daily BBQ goodness. Order up some freshly smoked brisket or go for the ever-popular pulled pork sandwich. Buffalo Phil’s Pizza & Grille is a delight for children of all ages. You can expect to find delicious pizza and other options, but the fun is the delivery of the food. Most of the restaurant is covered in this lovable toy, giving off a unique vibe found nowhere else. Our own Spring Brook Sports Bar & Grill is a great option for dining as well, located right on our resort property. We offer a great menu as well as TVs to catch all your favorite sporting events. If you came to Wisconsin for exciting activities and delicious food, you have come to the right place!

Places to Stay in the Dells for Skiing and Special Events

If you’re looking for places to say in the Dells that bring the solitude of Wisconsin Dells during the winter months, there’s still a lot you can enjoy there regardless of the physical impairment you have. Ski trails at state parks are free to use and easily accessible for everyone. Another organization, Adaptive Adventures, has made it a mission to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. They hold special events to teach people how to take parts in many water sports using the right equipment. Nobody will feel left out.

At Spring Brook, having special needs is not an obstacle. Call us for more information and to book your accessible vacation home at our resort.